Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Model Horse Performance magazine

I really like the new Model Horse Performance Magazine. Of course anything to do with model horse performance makes me happy. I think the magazine is a wonderful new resource for people that want to learn something new about performance showing (or things related to performance showing like tack making) or people like me who not only want to learn but like to obsess a little. There are not a ton of live shows throughout the year that I can get to with 2 kids so any excuse to think about performance showing is fun for me.
So I have been thinking about putting together and article on showing with dolls. Dolls can be a wonderful asset to your set-up or they can wreck it if not used properly. So my question is, does anyone have anything in particular they would like discussed? Do you have photos of both good and bad doll use? I've been rolling the idea around in my head and I know something will come out sooner or later but knowing what people would like to know would be helpful as well. ☺


horsienut said...

Equitation and holding the reins properly are the two things that seem to knock down dolls in performance entries, I've seen a judge take a straightedge to the rider doll to check for shoulder-hip-heel alignment!

Field of Dolls Studio said...

Yes I have seen that as well. I have also seen judges totally miss poor equitation. I was looking at my old show photos to find correct and incorrect riding positions and I found some really horrible western riding positions on entries I remember did very well.

Anonymous said...

*evil grin* I'd like to see more limb mutilating how-to ideas.