Sunday, September 25, 2022

Catching Up

     I seem to be finding less and less time to post these days. And it's not that I don't have things going on, it's that I have a lot going on, and a lot of it I can't talk about in great detail. For instance, I can tell you I am having a really great time at school these days, but I can't tell you specifics of the really cool things because of privacy laws. So here is a very vague post to say that things have school have been amazing and we have had some pretty big breakthroughs with all of the kids. We have also had some struggles at times, since learning new things can be really challenging. In more me-centered news about school, I basically get paid to work out. I am moving all day long, or just about all day long. We dance, we sing, we run around in PE, it's a really good time. And really, it is a workout I am getting paid for. I am so happy I don't come home trying to talk myself out of having a drink at 2:30 in the afternoon, because I just don't want or need one. I am already content and calm. I still love Fridays and the weekends, who doesn't? But I no longer wake up with the feeling of dread that it's almost time to go to work again. I sometimes wake up a little bummed that I can't sleep just a little bit more, but I always have such a good time at work. It's been great.
     In other really positive news, I have not had time at work to be hungry, I have been bringing healthy stuff for lunch, and not tons, because I don't need it. I also am not coming home and eating tons of things. So I have also managed to lose a few pounds, in a fairly effortless way. My clothes are starting to fit more comfortably again, I have energy a lot more often. It's all really positive. It's amazing what can happen to you, mentally and physically, when you are not miserable for large portions of the day. 
     What have I struggled with lately? I have struggled with getting dolls made. Sometimes when I get home from school I have things I need to do that are not doll work. Sometimes I just want to hang out with Ethan (if it's a Tuesday and he is home). Sometimes I just want to not be working. Not that I actually work all that much. I have a lot going on, but really, I only work 30 hours a week, do not live far from the school, and I am not killing myself to make dolls. So I am occasionally feeling like a doll slacker. Though I did manage to get this lady done... a couple of weeks ago. I also discovered that I am a super slacker when it comes to updating my doll book. I had not done it since December of last year! And in fact I had 3 December dolls that didn't make it into the book! So yesterday I spent a bunch of time updating the book. I have already forgotten how many dolls I have made currently, but I did find that I have now made over 1600 dolls. I think it was something like 1630. Anyway, I have made a lot of dolls over the years. Not nearly as many as normal this year, but still a lot of dolls have happened. 
     I am still on the getting rid of stuff kick. I have a lot of things, even with the near-constant purging. Part of that is that I am really good at getting and collecting more things. These days I have way too many books. I do let some of them go (though books are one of the hardest things to get rid of if you are not just giving them away) but I have been buying them faster than I can read them. I do read pretty fast, but I don't have all day to read. Some days I don't have more than a few minutes, if that. I need longer days. 
    Part of the purge are these really awesome horses. The pair of flying horses are the 2021 subscriber exclusive models from Maggie's Monthly Micros, are for sale. The horse on the right, whose name I have forgotten (I have cards for everyone) is also for sale. I still have a bunch of other micros for sale, and some more that I need to list somewhere. I have way too many micros and no time, or desire to paint all of them.
    So another thing I have been thinking of for a bit, is working on my custom horse some more. Have I already talked about this? I can't remember. I am pretty sure I need to finish smoothing the neck join. And hair needs to happen once the neck is smoothed. The horse is also missing a tail. I think I have a support, but I need more tail and details. And time. I need that too. I have so many projects I want to work on. If I could just take a month off of all work, and still get paid, I could potentially finish all my projects. But maybe not. And since no one is going to pay me just for staying home and working on my projects, I guess I will just have to keep on working, and trying to balance all of my responsibilities and projects. Sooner or later maybe I will figure it all out. 

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timaru star ii said...

I'd say you were well on the way to figuring it all out,... since that happens constantly too. Congrats!