Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Customer Photos- Mary Hanson

     Mary Hanson sent me these photos a long while ago. Today I am extremely glad I have them. It's been almost a week since I posted anything and while I might have some things to chat about every now and then, I don't have any photos. I have not been working on dolls. Some of that is not being allowed to lift over 10 pounds, which makes taking out my sewing machine a challenge. Some of it is I don't always feel like making dolls. It happens. 
     Another issue, besides not being allowed to lift things just yet (soon!) is Ethan got hurt at work. He ended up dislocating and relocating his shoulder all in one go. So now he has some swelling and tenderness for sure. And while his only issue with lifting is overhead, I am trying not to make things worse. So no sewing for me this week. I don't really like sewing anyway. I like that I CAN sew, not the actual doing of it. Though every once in a while I am excited about a sewing project. 
     Last week was the first week of school, which was only 3 days. We are still working on organizing the classroom and figuring out some routines. We had an assembly Friday that we didn't know about (I didn't anyway) and then a fire drill that surprised us at a bad time. It did show that we can handle actual emergency situations that are not perfectly choreographed, but it was weird. We managed and made it through the day. The middle school has a rotating schedule, which the high school did not, so knowing exactly what is happening when and on what day, is going to be tricky. We'll probably get used to it. 
    Isn't this a stunning photo? I think this one might be my favorite! School was so fun last week that I was bound to have a bad day sooner or later. Well, most of this weekend was a bad day. Or definitely parts of it. Saturday, Travis and I went to Walmart. Everything about it was horrible. Too many people, too much stock in the way so it was hard to even navigate the store, the registers kept messing up and the person who was supposed to help when needed was actually making is so much worse. Then yesterday, I was at a different Walmart, the line was insanely long, and then the register was a mess again. I am thinking that Walmart is the problem. 
     Today starts our short 4 day week at school and the time when we start doing data collection. Which I have done bits of so I am not overly concerned about it. It is supposed to rain all day, which is likely to just make me extra tired. I am going to try to talk myself into doing some doll work later. I can cut out clothes and hair heads at the very least. There are a couple of dolls I need to make, and even if I can't sew just yet, I can work on some of the pieces. So maybe I can get some doll work done later. We'll see how I feel after school. 


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timaru star ii said...

Photo no. 3, as it entered my peripheral vision, triggered my "that's a real horse" reaction. Knowing it is a model does not lessen its power. LadyHawke anyone?!

Yeah, I haven't been in WalMart for more than 2 years. Think I'll stay away a bit longer.