Friday, December 16, 2022

Hoodie Dolls

     Not sure if anyone notices or not, but I go through phases with doll making. There are times when I sort of (super) struggle to get any dolls done at all. Or even get started on them. Then there are other times when I get a ridiculous amount of dolls done in a short amount of time. We are not in either of those times. We are in a moderately productive time. A just fine amount of doll work time. As in, I did some doll work this week. AND I finished a couple of dolls! They are not overly complex dolls, but they are fun. 
    The first one is a hoodie doll with a new face! I have no idea what her name is because KC's Galloping Gals who has new, unpainted, unhaired heads, names every doll a different name and I can't keep up. I got some and they are not super angry looking. I like them. So the first doll I finished was this not angry doll in fun black and white breeches and a hoodie. Basic, but fun. 
     She has a fully haired head, so she can go hat/helmetless. I don't need any more dolls for myself at the moment, but I really like how this lady came out. 
    Next up I finished... a hoodie doll! This doll was done on the Lena body. Her green hoodie is super soft and I want one in my size (in black) because it just looks super cozy. There are spots in her breeches that match the sweatshirt, so she is very coordinated. Not that it necessarily matters if your clothes are coordinated if you are going to the barn. 
    She also has a fully haired head so she can go hat/helmetless. This is another doll I really love and might actually keep if I had a use for another casual doll. I think I have at least 2 casual dolls, maybe even more. I likely don't need more dolls. 
   So I got some dolls done this week and I am happy about it. Both these ladies are available for sale, $210 each plus shipping, and if they don't sell they will get put away for my live sale, which I am planning on holding at the end of March. That is the one that is mostly me selling stuff from my personal collection. And I will repeat myself, I am not leaving the hobby. But I am going to seriously downsize because I actually am not an OF collector, and I have a bunch at this point that need new homes. When the gamblers choice stablemates came out they ruined my Django conga, since I don't want to play the game of trying to get the one I need. So most of my Djangos will be for sale. I already sold two, but if you have a need for someone in particular, ask, I may have him and may sell him. 
     Anyhoo, my doll prices will be going up slightly in January, including these dolls if they don't sell before then. The cost of absolutely everything has gone up astronomically, and while I am not going to get crazy jacking up prices, I do need to try not to waste my time making things for not enough money. I wish that wasn't the way of the world, but it is. It's almost the solstice, I'm excited, and I am ready for 2022 to be over. It went by incredibly quickly and was a super bizarre year. I am hoping for smooth and maybe a little boring next year. 



timaru star ii said...

Nothing wrong with a partial conga. That's how I do mine.

Unknown said...

Sure, other than I said I would keep it until it was not easily obtainable, and then I would just keep the ones I wanted. Which are like, two of them.