Monday, November 28, 2022

One More Daily Post

    I figured I would keep up with the daily posting for at least one more post. I had this photo waiting, but hadn't done anything with it, and then it was time to talk about the Black Friday sale. These dolls are already gone, but being hunt seat dolls I am not totally sure if they were commissions (one at least) or if both were in the sale. One hunt seat doll looks a lot like another hunt seat doll. They seem to be one of the most often ordered or purchased dolls lately. So likely, I will start working on another batch of hunt seat dolls. I may post them for people to buy ahead of time if they choose. They may also hang out and wait for the next live sale, which I am thinking I definitely want to have. This week I need to make a casual English doll. Maybe I will make a couple of them, those also still seem to be fairly popular. And I kind of like making them. 
    Last week I didn't do much for doll work, I was taking things a little bit easy after spending so much time last weekend--my off time-- to work on scheduling the sales photos, and scheduling the advertising pictures. Once I figured out how to schedule the advertising photos, both for Facebook and Instagram, both in my business stuff on Facebook, everything became even easier than it already had been. I scheduled stuff and then took some time off. Other than making some girths for bareback pads and harnesses for helmets, I did very little related to dolls last week. It was really excellent. 
    Wednesday I went out, by myself, for a few hours. I had a half a day of school but Travis had a full day at Sunshine Village. So I had a few hours to go and do things on my own. I have no issue taking Travis places with me, but it's nice to do things all by myself once in a while. In the evening, I worked on desserts for Thanksgiving, discovered I did not have enough coconut flour to make the pie I was working on, so went to the grocery store. On the night before Thanksgiving. I have never been so happy to have mobile checkout as that night. 
    Thanksgiving was wonderful, I think I talked about it yesterday or the day before, but I really can't remember at the moment and don't want to go and look. But it was an excellent day, good food, fun conversation, a bonfire at the end. I'm looking forward to next Thanksgiving. 
    Friday of course was spent doing last minute things to get ready for the semi-live sale, running the sale, coffee date with Travis, and then working on invoicing. It was a super busy day. Saturday morning, for many hours, I was packing stuff and adding shipping labels to packages. Ethan brought 12 packages to the post office for me on Saturday morning before they closed. It was great. So it's very likely some people might get their Black Friday stuff today or tomorrow. How fun would that be? I have a whole bunch more packages ready to head out today, and a handful that have not been paid for just yet, but there is still time. Though of course, the longer you wait to pay, the slower I will be to ship. I do a huge push to get as much done as possible immediately after the sale. But if you happen to pay me late Monday afternoon... I have already been to the post office and likely it could be a day or two, or more, until I go again. 
    Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed having so many posts in a row for this past week. I will not be going back to daily posts, I just don't have that kind of time, or that much stuff to talk about, but I will aim for a post or two a week. I only have about 3 and a half (almost 4, but I'll call it half) weeks until winter break! Which is a nice long one. And I am almost sure I can make time to do some extra doll work or blogging (maybe both) during that time. 

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