Sunday, February 5, 2023

Upper Level Dressage

     At my last live sale, on Black Friday last year, someone asked if I would have any dressage dolls. I hadn't had any then so I decided I needed to make one now. I actually really like dressage dolls, though I have never actually shown in upper level dressage at any shows myself. But they are very elegant and I like them. I also really like that I can give them helmets now. While I like making fancy hats for driving, I don't actually like making dressage top hats. 
     I also really like that I can use a variety of accent colors. This doll got a subtly patterned teal color. Her small tie tack jewel is also a teal color. I love how this doll came together.
     I really do love upper level dressage dolls. I should probably make them more often, but, like me, I don't think a lot of people show in upper level dressage at shows. Lower level is easier to outfit, and easier to set up. I don't do it because it's easier, but because it's what I know. The first time I showed in dressage I told my friend, Marisa, that I could never show in dressage. She proved me wrong immediately when she showed me how to set up an entry, with things I already had and with borrowed props and pattern, and I got first in the class. So lower level is what I know. I also don't own upper level tack. 
     This lady is available for sale, $230 plus shipping. Just like all the other dolls I have shared recently she can be purchased now, but I am not advertising her anywhere other than here. If she doesn't sell from the blog she will be in my live sale at the end of March. 

      I also want to share that I am strongly considering closing my order books for a while. It's not that I am overwhelmed with work, I am just so much slower with dolls these days, and I get stressed out if orders hang around for too long. I often just can't find time, or desire, to work on the dolls. Working on random dolls out of my head is a lot easier because they don't need to be finished at any particular time. And they don't need to look any particular way. This is an idea I have had on the table for a while. It may be coming soon.


Anna said...

I fully support any artist who decides to close their books! A tough decision, but one that had made my life so much better.

timaru star ii said...

I'm just tickled that you can seriously consider the concept of whim-driven work. I think it would be a good thing to try for someone with as much discipline as you, who needs to prevent burnout. I am trying it myself,... with mixed results,... but it's definitely the place for me to be right now.