Friday, August 4, 2023


     I tried really hard to get a lot done this week. That didn't work out. I was tired. Super tired. I had to take a whole lot of naps, and there were entire afternoons where I felt like all I could handle was taking a nap. Or just sitting still and reading. I did at least get a lot of reading done. But it's very hard for me to be unproductive. If I had spent all that time cleaning I wouldn't have felt all I did was waste time. But I did only a bit of cleaning, and a lot of napping. I think the problem is the weather is so drastically different than it was a week ago. Which is making me tired and unmotivated. Knowing what the problem is doesn't much help me though. 
     Anyway, I did, finally, manage to finish this lady in purple. I also Dremeled a whole bunch of dolls, I think that was this week, so I have done a few things. And I haired 4 heads in preparation for more dolls. I have done a few things, but not many. But this purple lady is all finished and for sale. $240 plus shipping. If you're interested please email me at
    I mentioned the weather is a lot different than last week. This week has been absolutely gorgeous. Very comfortable temperatures without too much humidity. I have had my windows open all week, and I love it. But at the same time that is something that bothers me too. It's amazingly gorgeous weather and I am too tired to go and do anything. A lot of people just get seasonal issues in the winter, which is mostly caused by the lesser amounts of sunlight. I have issues when every season changes. Maybe it's the big changes in the weather, I have no idea. But I do know I get tired and unmotivated when the seasons change. Sometimes for weeks. And this week has felt a lot like Fall, not August weather at all. I love this weather, but it is currently messing with me. 
    In some ways I did get a lot done this week. I fixed Travis's insurance, which was a very big deal. It is not overly dramatic to say that our lives could have fallen apart if I hadn't managed that. Because they really could have. But now I can breathe a sign of relief. But that doesn't mean I can stop working on the dolls. So I am glad I managed to finish this one. 
    I have 3 weeks off before I have to go back to work and I should know what my work assignment is in about another week. It's a weird thing being a para; you sort of don't really know what you will be doing year to year. Which is partially true for teachers too, though they at least usually get the same subjects to teach. Last year was amazing. It was the first year that I didn't have my schedule changed after a couple of weeks, then months, and so on. But up until I got my letter I didn't know for sure what I would be doing. Or what school I would be in. And currently I don't know what I will be doing. Hopefully, it will still be working with high needs kids. Though whether or not in the middle school or high school is the part I am most unsure of. I told my supervisor that I want to stay with my team, but I also understand that there aren't currently paras in the high school that can do what we do. And now one of my team members is going to be the teacher at the high school! I am very excited for her. At this point I would be happy to work in either of the programs. I just don't know where I will be. I am sure no matter what it will be great. 

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