Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Salem Night Faire 2023

     On Friday, Travis and I had our usual coffee date and then he and I, along with our friend Brandi, headed to Salem. Traffic on the Mass Pike makes no sense and people slow down to a crawl for no apparent reason. So the two hour trip out to Salem took 3 hours. But we had a good time. The moon was one day from full, so it was very cool to see. And it was crazy warm, still 75 degrees at 8:00pm. For a comparison, it's about 8:30 pm now, just 5 days later, and it's 35 degrees. Massachusetts weather is weird. It was actually snowing a bit this morning. 
    The weather for Night faire was so gorgeous that there were more people there than last year. At 8:00, 3 hours after the faire opened, there was still a very long line to get in. But even our wait in line was fun. I do love hanging out with Brandi! And so does Travis. She's one of the people he asks to see. 
     There is plenty to see at Night Faire.
      Including the Sanderson sisters. The Salem Pioneer Village is the location where the beginning of Hocus Pocus was filmed. 
      There are a lot of different oracles and performers at the faire. 
    Including this ghoul playing guitar.
    This oracle, the one Travis named "tall spooky" is Travis's favorite. He still did not go up to him to get a fortune. Maybe next year. He did have a good time standing around watching him. 
     I got a fortune from this oracle. It was a tarot card, so I had to interpret it myself. 
We got some selfies right before we left to head home. 
   Honestly, I am amazed at how decent these photos are considering it was full dark and there were no lights where we took these. The magic of iPhone, lol. 
    I enjoyed the Salem Night Faire last year and it was especially fun this year since Brandi came with us. Hopefully she can come again next year, and hopefully Elecktra will be able to come again as well. If we could also get good weather again that would be just about perfect. 

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