Saturday, November 25, 2023

Small Business Saturday

     Yesterday, I held another semi-live sale for Field of Dolls Studio. Then, Travis and I went out for coffee and hung out at Barnes and Noble for a bit. The manager of Starbucks is a friend of ours and she was very into my makeup. Since I never wear full makeup these days, she has never seen me with more than eyeliner and mascara. But I told her, I have to put on makeup to do a live sale, or I look kind of sick on camera. And if I am going to do makeup I am going to do ALL the makeup. Because it's fun and I enjoy it. It's also good to know I can still do a good job even though I almost never do it these days. 
     Anyway, we got our books and came home and we ate some Thanksgiving leftovers. Then I got to work again. Because I can't help myself. Anyone who sent me their email address and the country they live in, as requested, has already received their invoice. I have a handful that haven't sent the info yet, but hopefully sometime today. I would like to get all the invoicing wrapped up and work on packing stuff. It would be excellent if I could be finished with everything (mostly) by Monday!
     OK, so it's small business Saturday and seeing as Field of Dolls Studio is just me, I qualify as a small business. Not everything sold during the semi-live yesterday so I put together this post with what I still have. Including the micros, minis, and premier horse that I am selling from my own collection. Same as the Black Friday sale shipping is flat rate. US shipping is $10, Canada is $15, and everywhere else is $20. That will ship absolutely everything you claim. 
     If you are interested in any of the items in this post please send me an email to And tell me if you want your invoice to a different email address than the one you sent me the email from, AND I need to know the country you live in. Even if you are 1000% sure I already know it. It's so much faster for me to have the information in front of me. I will try to keep this post updated as things are claimed. Thanks for looking and thanks for supporting my small business!
Alpheratz and Matar- 80
Castenea (no card)- 20
All other unpainted micros- 25 each
Jewel- 40

Gold Filigree- 40
SM Club Tobias- 20
G2 Appy SM- 7
SM Club Shelburne- 20
SM club Phineas- 20

Premier Club Constantia- 150

Mini Ranch Mare- 375
Mini Barnaby-325
Mini Mira-275
Mini Brio-250

Apples or Carrots, 5 each, I have a bunch of each. 

Casual English doll in pink breeches-220

Removable helmet with harness-15

Red, purple, and green girths are sold- Bareback pads- 40 each

6" western youth doll-230. I can be talked into making her removable chaps (SOLD)

Cat beds-12 each (SOLD)

Blue stripes (SOLD) Dog beds- 12 each

Cowboys- 220 each

brown chaps are sold

Black with horses (SOLD) Backpacks- 25 each

3E available

12, 13, 14 and 16 are sold

All are SOLD

MC2 and LC3 are sold

Mystery boxes (I have a bunch left)- 25 each

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