Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Semi-live sale catalog 2023

     As promised, here is the catalog, with the sales schedule, for the 2023 Black Friday Live sale. I may very well have things posted from my personal collection, but as of right this second (I wrote this on Monday) I haven't gotten any of that together. The photos will post, on my studio page on Facebook, at the times I have listed in this post. I will "love" your comment if you are the first to comment your claim. For an exhausting amount of detail on how a semi-live sale works, please see this post 

apples or carrots. Set of 4, $5 each (I have several of each)

Casual English dolls $230 each

Removable helmets with harness $15 each

Bareback pads $40 each

Western Pleasure dolls $240 each

Youth dolls $230 each

Cat bed and toy $12 each

Dog bed and two toys, $12 each set

casual cowboy dolls $220 each

Men’s cutting chaps $40 each

Backpacks $25 each

English dolls, $230 each

Messenger bags $25 each

Casual western ladies $220 each

Ladies cutting chaps $40 each

Saddlebag sets $75 each

Mystery boxes $25 each

The schedule:
3:00- I go live
3:05- apples and carrots
3:10- English casual dolls
3:15- removable helmets
3:20- bareback pads
3:25- western pleasure dolls
3:35- youth dolls
3:40- cat beds
3:45- dog beds
3:50- cowboys
3:55- men's chaps
4:05- backpacks
4:10- English dolls
4:15- messenger bags
4:20- casual western dolls
4:25- ladies chaps
4:40- mystery boxes


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