Saturday, December 26, 2009

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree...

Merry Christmas! (or happy Boxing day....) I have been meaning to post but didn't have any photos and I hate posting blogs with no photos. I got a few pictures of Ethan and Elecktra meticulously putting tinsel on the Christmas tree but they were very dark. So I started with out photo from Christmas morning. This is the biggest tree we have ever had. Also it has a beautiful shape. Elecktra pretty much picked it out herself so she has been very proud of our lovely tree :)

I didn't get really any other good pictures from Christmas morning. Most of them were blurry. But this is a nice picture of Abby in front of the "fire" with her bone. We always make sure to get her something she really likes or she is into all the gift opening.
Travis really enjoyed writing with his new fancy LED pen. The photo came out pretty well with no flash even though it was a little bit dark. This was over at my brother-in-laws house for more Christmas fun.
Here's Elecktra (on the left) and my niece Ashlynn opening their gifts. Ashlynn and her sister got me a classic sized Breyer horse for Christmas. My sister-in-law told me Ashlynn told her it was the perfect horse for me because I was going to cut it's tail and head off! I don't usually do that but I guess I will be doing some customizing now. I really like the head so I think I will leave that on but the tail does need to come off I think....
Here Elecktra is playing with her bird whistle. It is one of the coolest old fashioned toys I have ever seen. It's a little ceramic bird and you put water in it. When you blow the whistle is actually sounds like a real bird. Pretty neat little toy and no batteries!
This is Jordan my littlest niece. She had a really nice time exploring the mess we made with all the wrapping paper and new things. She stopped to pose for me for this picture. When she first woke up she really didn't want to have much to do with me (I have not seen her in a month) and I didn't push it. By the end of the night she was reaching for me even when Daddy was holding her.
All in all it was a nice start to Christmas. It was a long day and I was very tired by the end and there is more to come. Tomorrow we are having "Christmas Eve" with my family. We used to get together on Christmas Eve for real and then all the work 2 days in a row was too much for my parents. So this year the best time for our get-together is tomorrow. So hopefully it will be a good time with no drama. You never can tell. And maybe I will get some more pictures to share as well.

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