Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hobby Photography revisted

So I have been looking through my old blog posts because for the most part I have no idea what I have been babbling about. And it also occurred to me that I posted all of 3 times this year. Wow. I know I can't catch up and start being productive...or interesting, but I can chat a bit about some past blogs.
   Anyway, I found this post about hobby photography that I wrote in March of 2010. The photos in that post really were a good example of the type of pictures I was capable of at the time. You really need to check them out, go ahead, I'll wait
So I decided I needed to post because I have finally figured out the secrets of my camera and the elusive indoor photograph! I am not an expert, there are still many mysteries with my camera but I have improved. These first two ladies show some really nice recent photos I have taken indoors. The first was super popular on Facebook and the second was super popular on ebay. I was very pleased with both of them.
This next doll has been giving me a ton of issues and I have not managed to get a nice photo of her indoors. I use the same backdrop and lighting I used for the other dolls and she still looks washed out and sort of yellow. These two photos were taken on two different days on two different horses and all the dolls photographed at the same time have great pictures. This doll doesn't want to look good. So my camera/studio still have secrets they won't share with me. Maybe in another couple of years.
And this year I finally got myself a new group shot for advertising. I had all the dolls I made for the TRXC sale and a couple others. I could have pulled out some more dolls from my personal collection but I thought these were enough. I think they look pretty good. I have come a long way with my photos.

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