Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Low carb vanilla pancakes and prep progress

     Yesterday I said I found a new low carb website that looked interesting. It was called The Hungry Elephant. Today I tried out the low carb vanilla pancake recipe. It was a little bit finicky to make but they are SUPER tasty! I had a bite and Travis scarfed a couple of them down in about 2 seconds. The instructions say you need to use a non-stick pan. I found this to be 100% true. Using non-stick spray on a regular pan results in somewhat burned pancakes. I don't know when I can fit any of these into a meal for myself (I plan all of mine ahead of time) but I am sure Travis will be pleased to have these until I can make another batch of the pork rind pancakes. I just reheat a couple in the pan with the eggs each morning. It works and saves time. 
     I did also manage to work on a bit more show prep. I started at least thinking about which horses to bring the the show and I ordered a few new props this morning. Hopefully they arrive on time. I feel like I am at least making slow progress forward.
     My hunt for the perfect birthday cake recipe continues. I think I may have found a winner though. It was a coconut flour chocolate cake, it didn't look dense and weird and it is only an 8x8 cake. Seems just about perfect. And super low in carbs. I may look around a bit more but I think that might be the one. OK, off to bed! Maybe I can think of something interesting to talk about soon.

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