Wednesday, April 10, 2019

A little more progress

     I was very efficient last night and I got all the track stuff gathered and ready to go and put together things for Travis's lunch. So this morning I had time to get a tiny bit of doll work done. I started working on the slippers for Anna's vaulting doll. I still need to get the soles on (and was hoping to manage that today but ran out of day) but I made a bit more progress at least. 
     I also managed to hair a head during first period. Which was a bit odd since I needed to cover a Spanish class. But I worked behind the computer and the kids didn't need my help so that all worked out. I can't help in a Spanish class anyway, since I don't speak Spanish. Sometimes covering classes sucks. It was nice second period to be able to help the special ed teacher explain the Declaration of Independence to the class. I don't get to help like that as much as I used to. And I miss it. 
    Today turned out to be a very busy, sort of weird, kind of long day. We had the first unified track meet of the season. We traveled to Chicopee High School for it. They have a really nice track. That didn't make up for the fact that it was very cold today and often windy. It being the first meet things were a bit disorganized. For some reason the track was double booked and the girls track teams were also doing events today. Not sure how (or why) that happened. Anyway, we made it through and only missed a few events. We decided to drop the relays because the regular girls team was doing discus and we can't do running events at the same time for safety reasons. So the last event was the 400 meter. Which is once all the way around the track. The coach had asked Travis the other day if he wanted to try the 400, which I was not sure would work well, since historically we have a hard time getting him to run the entire 100 meter. He said yes (he says yes to most things) and I said OK, we will give it a try. And I meant we. There are not enough peer kids on the team (and definitely not at the meet) for someone to have been available to run with Travis. He needs that to motivate him to keep going and to remind him to stay in his lane. So today that someone was me. I did OK on the 100 meter, which is still way better than what I could do last year. I was not sure I could handle the 400 at all. In some ways I was right and in some ways I was wrong. I managed to make it halfway around the track, yelling to Travis to run the whole time, before I felt like I was going to die and had to walk for a bit. I cut off the top half of the track and did the last straightaway running again. Travis tapped another kid on the back and I yelled at him to stop (I meant stop touching him) so he stopped running. And I said to keep going. Then he went and, I think on purpose, tripped on his friend's wheelchair on the sidelines, about 5 yards from the finish line. Since I had just run 3/4 of the track I was like, hell no, we are finishing this race! So I went and grabbed his hand, hauled him up and said come on, we are finishing. And we finished. I have no idea what the weirdness was about, but hopefully we don't have any more issues on the track. I have also decided that by the end of the season I am going to be able to run the 400 without stopping. I might not do it quickly but I am going to do it. 
    On the way to the meet Travis was sleeping on his friend Jacob's shoulder. We asked if that was OK and Jacob said it was fine and he took a selfie with sleeping Travis. He showed us the picture on the way home. I looked over my seat and saw that Travis was sleeping again. Or pretending. Running in the cold is hard. 
     We have track practice tomorrow and it is supposed to be a bit warmer than today and also sunny. I hope it will also not be windy. Maybe Travis and I can try practicing the 400 again. And maybe we can both do a little bit better.

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