Wednesday, April 24, 2019

My brain is very full

      Yesterday I went to the 29th annual conference of Autism Connections. They have changed their name a few times over the years, and even a few times since I have been going to their conferences, but they are basically the same no matter what they call themselves. They are a group that offers resources to parents, caregivers and service providers of individuals on the autism spectrum. 
      The conferences are amazing. I think often my favorite part is walking around during breaks and finding new people to talk to. Learning about new resources, new things to try for Travis. Or just meeting other people who "get" my life. Or parts of it. This year the focus of the conference switched from early childhood things to transition and adulthood things. Which is perfect for me because that is information I need. So I learned a ton, have a bag of material and notes to go through and try to organize and make sense of. I have probably 25 pens from different organizations. Because free pens. So yeah, my brain is a bit full but I am energized and I think there are some good things I can see about getting Travis into. I am incredibly tired, but excited. And I have a horse show in 4 days. 
    Other than taking the day off from school to go... to school (sort of) I have still been obsessively making miniatures this week. I did make a bit more candy, but I have mostly switched to horse boots. This was a set that I was actually making for my own use. Splint boots and skid boots. I have a set in pink but I wanted another set and I wanted basic black. It seemed like a good color choice. 
     While I was making this set of boots for myself I got to thinking about  the "hustle" that so many of us who create things feel. My friend Liesl actually posted a very good article about this on Facebook awhile back. So many of us who create things feel we have to make money with it. Admittedly, I am one of these people. In several areas really. I can sew, and I sew tiny clothes and sell dolls. I make small accessories because I can and because it is another way to make a bit of money because not everyone can afford to buy a doll but maybe someone can buy a pair of boots, a saddle pad or some miniature food. I do also love to make miniatures so selling some is a good way not to drown in miniatures, lol. But even with my other job as a paraprofessional, I learned about autism, and other special needs along the way, to help Travis. When I decided I needed a regular job on top of doll making I thought about what I was qualified to do and realized I am only qualified to be a para. I know special needs and I know how to deal with people with special needs. Don't get me wrong, I am ecstatic that I can use those skills to help more people. But it does sort of fall into that category of "hustle". I have not yet found a way to make money reading, but if there is a way, I will probably find it. 
      So I made a set of horse boots for myself, a couple of days ago I had a deluge of packages come in (9 of them!) and most of them contained miniatures I ordered for things I want to set up on Saturday. I think everything is here. I got a mini Mira resin in as well. So I am up to 8 unpainted mini and micro mini resins. I need to stop making miniatures and start painting!
     For anyone who is wondering, Ethan and I had a nice day on Sunday for our anniversary. We didn't spend the entire day together, we did do a lot of our own things, but we did work on an awesome meal together. Ethan made a fantastic eye of round roast on the grill. Slow cooked/smoked BBQ, or anything on the fire, or in the smoker, are his specialties. He is an excellent cook but if there is fire involved he is very into it. The roast was amazing and we had a ton so ate like pigs. I made some celery root fries and I have to say, they are pretty good! They do actually taste a bit like celery, which is sort of weird and funny. They were not crisp, even though I fried them, but I am sure I can find a way to make them crispier. They are worth doing again. But yeah, it was a nice day, good weather and we've got 20 years under our belts. Now we're working on the next 20. Or 30 or 40. Whatever we can get. 
     I think, as of today, I am finally done obsessively making horse boots. I have restocked on most of them, and added to the stock of the newest styles; the open front and the skid boots. So I have a good variety for Saturday. I still have those fun printed fabrics from spoonflower that I have not done much with yet. I may work on making some saddle pads before Saturday. Not sure if I will have time though. We've got a track meet today and we won't get home until sort of late. Not late at night, but already past supper time so I won't have time to work on anything really. Maybe I will have some time tomorrow. But if I do, it won't be much. Then Friday will need to be the tack and pack and then Saturday is the show. Time is running out!

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