Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Studio Day

     Yesterday, I did a blog post, revealing my new studio. I also finally did some work in the studio, instead of just peaking in and smiling about it. The very first thing I did was pull out bits and pieces of dolls I started over a month ago, but didn't have time to finish. 
    The second thing I did was to notice that the purple shirt had a very large separation in the side of it. In my old studio, aka the box top on my lap in my bedroom, I would have put this shirt aside because it was just too much work to go drag out the machine, get it all set up, for one small seam. In my new studio I took the cover off the machine, which was already set up and plugged in, and I sewed the seam. Miraculous! Then I moved on with my life. 
     Every once in a while, I would look up at my horses. Just right there, on the shelves that I hung. They are perfectly level, in case anyone was wondering. 
     I made a good amount of progress on these two casual dolls and then decided I wanted a bit of a change of scenery. So I came out to the computer and wrong yesterday's post. I left the dolls, and everything else, right where it was. No one cared. Nothing was in anyone's way. It was nice. 
    When I finished the post I went back in and got some more details done on the dolls. Clearly, something was still missing...
     I wanted a bit of a change, so I took my box of doll hair and a couple of heads and went to sit on the couch and watch Doctor Who. And I haired a couple of heads. And it was nice. I went back into the studio and grabbed down the paint box, which was conveniently in reach and didn't have to be dug out of anything, and I painted the two faces. Easy. Everything was in reach, and half the time I didn't even have to get out of my chair. It was wonderful. 
    And in the end I very efficiently finished these two casual dolls. I did have a head start since both bodies were already prepped and the clothes were already sewn, but still, I finished 2 casual dolls in a day. And it wasn't overly hard and I didn't stress about it at all. It was nice. 
    So then I went digging to see what else I had hiding out, and it turns out I actually have several dolls all finished and ready to go. I stole the hat off the small cowboy, so currently, he is hatless, though he is for sale $250, the western pleasure lady next to him is $240, The casual lady in either the purple or the blue shirt are $220 each, and the non-blingy western pleasure rider on the end of $240. Shipping is extra. 
    Speaking of extras, I did find some other things while I was hunting around. I have two cross country kits, one in lime green and one in red. They are $38 each. I have removable helmets (Yvonne sized) in lime green, dark green, and black. $15 each. And I have a saddle bag stuff set for $15
     I can't promise I will be posting regularly now, but things are a lot less crazy for me, so maybe. I might not had a lot to talk about. But I may have lots of dolls to post, so who knows. I can promise I will try to post more often. If anyone is interesting in purchasing any of the dolls or accessories I have here please send me an email to fieldofdolls@gmail.com. 

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