Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Not What I Expected

     Yesterday, at school, we had some sewer issues, most of the bathrooms in the school couldn't be used, and we got sent home early. I had already gotten a good amount of work done (finally finished making my finals and reviews!) so that sounded pretty good. I got home just after 12:30, was not horribly exhausted, and it wasn't yet raining. Seemed like a good time to go outside and get a couple of dolls dremeled for an order I need to get finished. I really hate dremeling, so when I don't have a whole lot of it to do I grab the light-weight battery operated rotary tool. It is not as good as a dremel, you have to take material off much more slowly, but it means I don't have to pull out the whole toolbox, go to the outdoor plug... this is the slower, but lazier way of doing things. 
      After the dremeling I grabbed the material I needed to make the dolls in the order I am working on. I considered watching The Martian, because I had to buy it today (more on that in a second) but I decided that would potentially screw up the viewing at school. So I didn't watch it. Anyway, the story on that...
      Several weeks ago I planned movies for environmental science and chemistry. I wanted to watch Radioactive in chemistry, but there was a pretty lengthy nude scene (fully nude) that would not work for school. So I started searching for another chemistry movie. Since Cory, one of the other paras I work with, had seen the Martian (she thinks in school) and said it was definitely school appropriate, and the website that tells you all the swears, sex, drugs, and everything else said it was OK, I decided we would watch it without having seen it. I was working on making finals during it, so I didn't pay as close attention as I would have liked (but honestly, I usually work during movies so...) but I did catch that there was a TON of chemistry in it! For environmental science we are watching Deepwater Horizon. Weeks ago, when I decided on these, I could get them for free with streaming services I already have OR with Hulu or Disney+, which I was offered for $10 a month. I signed up, we watched Hidden Figures last week (the chemistry kids have totally earned a couple of end-of-year movies) and then today NEITHER of the other movies was available on any of my streaming services. It turned out the cheapest way to get them was to buy them. So $13 later and I own 2 more movies on Amazon Prime and we can watch cool stuff. I have already seen Deepwater Horizon a couple of times, on purpose, so that wasn't too hard for me. And The Martian was $4.99 and so far seems totally worth the money. Maybe NOW I will stop spending money on my classes. There are only 10 more days of school...
      OK, so the dremeling got done and I got the material out and got the things cut out that needed sewing. After I finished that I still had a little bit of time before Travis was due home from Sunshine Village so I pulled out the sewing machine, put on an episode of Mares in Black, and got to sewing. I nearly finished before Travis got home. Things were going along pretty well. 
     When Travis got home he sounded quite tired when he said he wanted coffee and a granola bar. So I got him his coffee, reminded him he knows where the granola bars were, and I got back to sewing. After that I got right into dressing the dolls. And I kept at it. 
      Last week, or maybe the week before, I started dressing one of the Little Yvonne dolls in a western pleasure outfit. I already had a pink top from the youth parade doll I was going to make when I had the pink and black pony set. I took in the sleeves a bit more on it. made some pants, and already had the chaps I prepped last week. Neither of these dolls is finished, but you can more easily see the size difference between the regular Yvonne and the little Yvonne. I am hoping that later today I can finish up the doll on the left (she just needs a face and hat) and the cross country doll that goes with her. She is started, but still needs a bunch more stuff done to her. The little Yvonne western doll may need to wait for another day. I will see how things go. 
      Before I left school for the day yesterday I sorted out the things I have printed and ready to copy. I have 3 review sheets for math, which are all similar to the final exam. I also have the biology final done and ready to copy, as well as a review sheet. The environmental science final is partially from the book, and partially copied already. I got the chemistry final finished and copied yesterday as well. Now I need to copy some things, make a bunch of answer keys, and I think I will be done. Maybe. It seems like every time I think I am close to done, more things pop up. If I am not done with all the class prep in the next couple of days... well, I think I will be. Almost done. 


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timaru star ii said...

A movie recommendation from a friend is always a good thing for me! Thanks!

The dolls look good. Yes, the size difference is clear.

Hang in there; you're down to single digits of days.