Wednesday, March 22, 2023


     Today was another amazing day. The weather when I got home from work was 61 degrees and sunny (I know, the forecast says cloudy, that was a total lie, it was SUNNY). There was a brisker breeze than yesterday, but that was OK. I was going to brave the breezy/sometimes windy weather to do some doll work OUTSIDE. Being outside was where I really, really wanted to be. But doll work was something I really have to do. The sad fact of life is I am not independently wealthy, which means I have to work. And while I work less than I did a year ago, I do still have to work after I get out of work sometimes. And Wednesday is a doll-work day (yes, I have a schedule, that is how things get done) but the weather was glorious. 
     Yesterday, I said that I can't do doll work outside unless it is completely still. Because all of the super lightweight stuff that goes into doll making blows around very easily. And that is super frustrating. But I have been in such a good mood, I felt it was OK to risk it, with some planning to make it all work. I was careful, I didn't take out all the pattern pieces for a particular piece all at the same time. I would take one out, pin it on the fabric, and then take out the next piece. If more than one piece was out, the extras were under something heavy. And guess what? I managed to cut out a bunch of doll clothes AND sit in my yard in the sun, enjoying the beautiful weather. And the sounds of outside. I had my headphones on yesterday, and music going the whole time, but today it was just nature. It was wonderful.  
     The wind really was a bit too much at times, but I managed to cut out most of 5 outfits before I needed to go in. And I only decided to go in because the clouds were starting to gather, they covered the sun, and it got pretty chilly at that point. So we went inside, I found my dressage pattern that was hiding, and I cut that coat out on the kitchen table. I also managed to get 5 dolls dremeled and prepped today. So progress was made, I didn't stay inside just because I had to work, and that has kept me in a really good mood. I know that the start of Spring is not usually a magic switch to good weather and good moods, but so far, that seems to be what has happened this year. I had one quick annoyance yesterday and a weird, not really pleasant conversation today, but in general, I have just been happy this week. And kind of productive. 
     So now it's just about 8:00, I have 5 dolls started, I have color in my hair, and I am happy. It's almost Thursday, which is Friday Eve, and I love my job. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, which is the perfect day to stay in and sew, then get started putting all these dolls together, but we have had such amazing weather this week that I am OK with a bit of rain. And who knows, maybe the weather guessers are wrong and it will be sunny again. They said it was supposed to be cloudy today, and it was not.
     I am amazed at how nice the weather has been, amazed that I am miraculously and suddenly in a good mood, and fairly amazed that I wrote another post, just having put one up yesterday. Now lets see if I can amaze myself by finishing a bunch of dolls this week. 

* I will not finish 5 dolls this week, but maybe 2 or 3 :) 

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are having a nice couple of days outside. Where I live it's still 40s or under. Can't wait for summer! AC