Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Winter Weather

     We have had a super mild winter this year. I am fine with that, but it is still winter, which means I am still sort of blah, and now winter has decided to be winter when it is almost over. It's a bit frustrating. Yesterday we had a winter storm and they canceled school. It wasn't actually that bad, just a bit sloppy. We didn't even bother to shovel, just cleared the cars off and the driveway has almost cleared itself. Anyway, I had vague plans to work on doll stuff but that didn't happen. I did make a necklace and Ethan, Travis, and I went to the indoor flea market. But I am really, really ready for Spring. I am ready for weather that is sunny AND warm, and not super windy, all at the same time. Maybe soon. 
     So yesterday I didn't get into any doll work, but I did today. I mentioned, last week, I was working on a casual doll, but then got glue on her shirt and she became a western pleasure doll. Well, I still had the jeans, and a head ready, so I made a new shirt and I got this casual lady put together today. 
     As you can see, her hat is removable, so she can do events or just hang out around the barn. Or your 1:9 scale dollhouse. By the way, I am pretty sure I am going to let go of at least some of my 1:9 scale dollhouse stuff. I have a whole ton of stuff and just never have time or space to play with it. So some things are likely going. I know I said the end of March for my live sale, but I am not really even close to ready. Maybe more like the middle or end of April. Date to be determined. 
     This casual lady is available for purchase, $220 plus shipping. You can add cutting chaps or chinks of the color of your choice (If I have the color) for $40 more. 
     I am definitely feeling the winter blahs lately. My brain is telling me that my friends would rather hang out without me, it tells me I have no time for anything but am also not getting things done. Even when there is evidence that I am getting some things done, even if it's not a lot. Definitely not in a happy place this week. It's supposed to be fairly warm tomorrow and Friday, and not raining/snowing, maybe that will help my mood. We'll see. Winter can go now.

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Unknown said...

What fun to see the doll made to go with the side saddle made by Boo Tack! I have to admit I have a few sets of her tack, including a side saddle set.