Friday, March 10, 2023

Western Week

     My goal these days is to try to finish just two dolls a week. I don't think that is a huge ask of myself, seeing as I used to make an average of 5 a week, most weeks. There are definitely weeks I don't meet my fairly simple goal. And you know what? That's OK. Sometimes it happens and I have been cutting myself some slack. Sometimes I am just too tired to work on the dolls. Sometimes I am just so unmotivated that dolls are not going to happen. This week though, I managed to get past the maybe-I-can-just-skip-working-on-dolls feeling and I got these two ladies done. And I am quite pleased with them. 
     First we will talk about this lady. I love black and white outfits. I think they are classy, timeless, and go with pretty much everything. This lady was done on the Lena body from KC's Galloping Gals. I think she turned out really nicely. (On hold)
    The front and back designs on her outfit are identical. 
They are also the same on her sleeves.
     This is the only type of symmetry that I am really comfortable with. I do like the look of symmetrical designs, but usually that means something swirly and mirrored. And I just can't seem to get those done all that well. But I like this sort of symmetrical design. 
     This lady was meant to be a casual western doll. But when I put her shirt on glue seeped through on the front. When that happens it is nearly impossible to get it off. My first thought was to add some decorative bits to turn her into a western pleasure doll, which I did, but I also pulled out this cool fabric and made her a vest. 
     I don't even know if vests are currently popular or not, they come and go, but I like the look of this doll. 
     She's a bit more basic, less flashy, but still has visual interest. I like that sort of thing. 
       Sometimes I like to make really elaborate western pleasure dolls. Sometimes I like to make them even more basic than this one. I do like variety. I also know that some people prefer a more basic look, without much bling. 
     Since I still had the jeans I made for this doll when she was supposed to be a casual doll, I made another shirt (not in this color. I am out of that fabric) and I have something else in the works already for next week. I think. Maybe. I don't actually remember. I'm tired. I woke up about an hour early this morning and decided I might as well get up. I have reached the point of the day where I am regretting that choice just a bit, since I don't want to go to bed at 7:00.

     Both of these dolls are available for purchase. $240 each plus shipping. As usual, these dolls are not going to be advertised anywhere other than here on the blog for now. If they don't sell right away they will be available at my next live sale, which I am still planning to have at the end of this month. Though I have not made as much progress on pulling things out for sale as I have planned to. Part of that is crappy weather. I like to take photos outdoors and it has rained a lot, or snowed. Winter waited until the end of the season to show up in Massachusetts. I am hoping to get the next batch of stuff, which is minis, posted soon. We'll see if the weather lets that happen.

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Beautiful dolls - classy designs