Monday, March 27, 2023

It's About the Tattoos

     On Instagram, sometime last week, I posted a picture of a doll that was about half done and had a bunch of tattoos. I had stopped my sewing early because I just HAD to put some tattoos on a doll. Any artist, of any variety, has probably felt the inescapable urge to do a certain thing IMMEDIATELY. So I did. I dropped everything and put tattoos on a doll. When I finished her this morning I changed out her head, gave her black breeches instead of jeans, and gave her some hands. 
     The doll on Instagram was a blond, but that head was not fully haired. As in, she needs a permanently affixed helmet or hat to keep parts of her scalp from showing. This lady is fully haired and has a nice long braid down her back. Her outfit is solid black, but really, I am usually wearing all black, so it works for me. And really, with this doll, it's all about the tattoos.
     In some ways, this doll has tattoos that are sort of reminiscent of mine. On my left arm I do have a bunch of pink flowers. I also have an oriole, which this doll doesn't. 
     The tattoo on my right arm is all black and gray, but does have one flower in the middle and swirly stuff around it. So it is also similar to mine, but also different. I also haven't had brown hair in a very long time. Putting tattoos on dolls is a lot of fun, and actually really easy. I know I have amazed and impressed some people, but it is literally nail art with some matte nail polish over it. Easy, like I said. 
     I would love to do more dolls with tattoos, but as I mentioned in a comment somewhere, they would all have to be casual dolls. Every other type of doll I can think of has long sleeves and long pants. Someone requested I put a neck tattoo on a doll, and maybe some day I might. The problem is, so much gets covered on these dolls. But I like doll tattoos anyway. 
     This lady is available for $220 plus shipping. Email me at She does not come with a helmet but I am pretty sure I have some options around here if the buyer wants to add one. As with the other recent dolls, she won't be listed anywhere but here, and if she doesn't sell now she will be available at my next live sale. I am still leaning towards the end of April for that. But, as we know, sometime time gets away from me. 

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timaru star ii said...

Another place where nail art crosses beautifully with model horses (I sometimes see it in tack, as silver or jewels) but this is an application I never would've thought of. Y'know y'could always stick a tattoo under a sleeve or pant,... just like in real life, whaddya bet...