Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Doing My Part

      Sunday I heard that all non-essential businesses in Massachusetts would be closing by noon on Tuesday. I also learned that hospitals are asking for people to sew masks and gowns, since there is that much of a shortage. So since everything was closing, I went to Joann's to get some mask making supplies and a few extra doll making things.
      I found out that Joann's will not be closing. They are considered essential because people need material to make the gowns and masks. Which is good to know. I do also know that elastic is in short supply these days. Remember the days when we could go into a store with a list of things we needed and they would all be there? Well, unless you went to Walmart, a lot of stuff is always out of stock there. Still, you could usually get toilet paper. And other things, depending on the day and where you are. Anyway, I got a variety of fabrics, the fusible interfacing, some random other things for doll making and other craft things but there was not any elastic in the store when I first went in. But luckily, I have a hookup (Elecktra's friend works there) and I got a text from her when the batch of elastic came in from another store.
     When I got home I made my mask pattern, laid out all of my materials, put a show on, and got to cutting. I just kept on going until I had 4 masks in each material I had.
       Mostly I just got plain fabrics because function is much more important than cuteness. Though I couldn't help it and I did get some Nightmare Before Christmas fabric. I had a coupon. Several actually. 
     All of the pieces needed to have interfacing ironed in. I have never used that stuff before and it was a bit tricky to figure it out. I did finally get it to work. Sort of. 
     Then came all the sewing. There was a lot of sewing. The pattern is tricky when you first try it. There are 3 pleats, and they have to nest next to each other exactly. I managed to bend a needle, stab myself hard enough to bleed at least once (I did not bleed on the masks) but I eventually got the hang of how to make them and things went much more quickly. I have another pattern that I want to try, which might be a bit easier to manage. Anything that can help me make these as quickly as possible would be good. 
      So I have a handful of finished masks so far, but I have a whole bunch more that are prepped and ready for sewing. I need to get back to sewing them, but my neck and upper back hurt so much after cutting out all the materials and sewing this handful that I needed to take a break. How do people sew and sew for hours a day?
      I wish there was more that I can do, but mostly, I stay home, teach Travis and now I sew masks. I think staying home is the most important thing that I can do.


Lynn Isenbarger said...

I am not surprised that you are using your talents to help others! Good for you! And I'll bet the Nightmare Before Christmas mask becomes someone's favorite. :)

pawprint said...

It's wonderful that you're doing this! Thank you so much.

Kathy Wood said...

That's what I'm going to be doing tomorrow. Let's have a sew-a-thon!

Braymere said...

I think staying home is the most important thing all of us can do. Thank you for doing it. <3

Vicky said...

I've seen so many conflicting stories about the fabric and what it should be made from that I'm conflicted. I have lots of fabric, mostly christmas and some elastic. There are several patterns out there. Yours seems the easiest. Using iron on interfacing .....first time I've seen that suggested. My machine sucks.....but I can use it if I'm patient. It's why I don't quilt anymore. So....I may see what elastic I can come up with and make a few. They won't conform to our hospital standards but maybe my Dr can use them if she's still open.