Thursday, March 12, 2020


     Tuesday was laundry day as usual. I did not make any phone calls that delayed me, I just headed to the laundromat shortly after Travis got home. I was tired, but I wanted to get there and back as early as possible. I had a new episode of Mares In Black to listen to and I got a decent amount of work done. All of the saddlebags are now saddlebag shaped. I still need to add the velcro, put on the backing, put on the water bottles and put on the saddle loops. So I still have a lot of work left on them, but at least I am making some progress. That is good. 
       I only just barely got started on the saddle loops and the dryers finished and it was time to fold. But I can hopefully get back into some saddlebag work soon, finish up the loops, put in all the Velcro, and work on getting everything put together. I am down to only about 2 and a half weeks (less actually) until my live sale! Auuggh!
      So Tuesday was a sort of efficient day with laundry and bits of doll work. I managed to find a little bit of time to have some down time for myself and while I am not refreshed and energetic, I am at least feeling a little more ready to work. Which is good. I am hoping to finish up at least 2 more dolls this week and then I will need to plan out what dolls to work on next week and if I am going to add in any other small projects. It's about time to start really advertising my live sale as well! All the months of prepping and we are almost there now. I hope I will be ready.

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