Tuesday, March 3, 2020

My Hair Brings People Joy

      I almost didn't have a post for today. I haven't done any doll work in a couple of days. I haven't taken any random photos or done anything all that interesting. I hadn't planned in  any doll work for yesterday, and then I got some really horrible news from a friend and I was super sad for him. I'm still super sad for him. He is in my thoughts and has my love. 
      So yesterday one of my students was having a hard morning again and needed to walk around the school. We popped into the social workers office and there was a girl in there who told me that my hair makes her happy. I LOVE hearing that sort of thing! Sunday Travis and I were in line at Walmart and a woman next to us told me my hair was amazing and that I was brave. I asked her why I was brave, fun colors are awesome. She said, you had to bleach your hair for that didn't you. I said I did, but the color is all with conditioner so my hair is pretty soft. She asked if she could touch my hair, and I said sure and she was so surprised! I told her it is Overtone conditioner, she told her friend to help her remember it, and she left the store super giddy. I do love that my hair brings joy to others. 
              While yesterday afternoon was pretty rough, when I first got home I was extremely happy. I was waiting for over a week for my new eyeshadow pallet to arrive. Jeffree Star Cosmetics launched a new collection, Blood Lust, on February 21st and I was really excited for these colors. I have never seen a video or a photo that really shows how amazing they are in reality. I have a lot of ideas for combinations and I am looking forward to playing with this. 
     So yesterday definitely had some ups and downs, and I didn't get the linings cut for the saddlebags. I meant to, and that didn't happen. But whatever, these things happen. Today is laundry day and I can work on that at the laundromat. And maybe start working on putting the bags together. I have 5 more sets in the works. That will bring my total up to 10 sets of bags for my live sale. I want to try to work on 3 dolls this week. I have clothes cut out for one and tomorrow I can cut out the other two outfits. As long as I can settle on what type of dolls I want to make. After that I can hopefully have enough time to do the sewing and then... we'll see how far I get. 

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