Wednesday, March 11, 2020

That Was Weird

        Monday was an interesting day. The weather was supposed to be gorgeous so I had plans to go and do a bunch of errands. Maybe not the best use of a day with amazing weather, but I had things that needed doing and unlike doll work, errands mean I can drive around with the sunroof and windows open in the car. Which is kind of a big deal when the weather has been bad for so long. One of the places I needed to go was Harbour Freight, to look for gloves. But I have amazing friends at school and a couple of teachers searched their desks for the gloves the nurses pass out at the beginning of every school year. They are basically never needed so some teachers have fairly large collections of gloves. And now they are my gloves and I am set for cleaning and hair dying for a bit more. Maybe gloves will be back in stock soon. At least this saved me a few dollars. 
      Travis and I went and returned a lightbulb to Home Depot and went to Marshalls and then to Ulta. There were a few small things I needed and it is my birthday month so I went also to get my gift. While we were waiting in line to pay, 3 girls robbed the store! I don't mean shoplifted a few things, I mean they filled up several of the mesh store shopping bags (which are quite large) and then grabbed as many of the high end perfumes as they could, as the shelf alarms went off and then they went out the door! They left purposefully, but didn't run. And they didn't really run in the parking lot, mostly just a brisk walk. They got in a car that had the license plate covered and left. The employees told everyone that they were not allowed to do anything. I get that. I wouldn't want to try to stop people for minimum wage either. You don't know who could be dangerous. Those girls got away with easily thousands of dollars of merchandise. So not only is good makeup expensive to make, things like this happen, which I am sure adds to the cost to the honest consumers. People can be so awful. And it was a really weird experience. 
     After the weird Ulta experience I went across the parking lot to TJ Maxx to look for sunglasses. I broke my favorite pair and was using my backup pair (I try to keep at least 2 pairs in the car in case someone needs to borrow a pair and because I break things). I found these cute pink and black ones (and took a cranky looking photo, lol!) and the cashier told me another customer mentioned to him that earlier someone ran out of a different store and dumped a ton of clothes in the back of a truck and sped off, nearly running a couple of people over! So apparently at least 2 stores in that plaza were robbed on the same day! That was incredibly weird! And made Travis and I more careful in the parking lot. 
       Other than the very strange experience of seeing people rob a store and hearing that another store in the same plaza was robbed, it was a good day. It was 75 degrees and sunny. Definitely a good day to be out with the windows open. I could have stayed home and worked on dolls to get ready for my live sale, but it was really, really nice weather. So I made a list of all the places I needed to go and did a bunch of errands and enjoyed the day. It was wonderful. And I will have other days that I can work on dolls. 
      I have been hearing talk that there are talks about closing schools and potentially doing digital teaching. I don't know if that is anything our school systems would actually do or not. If they do, I may end up with plenty of time to work on getting ready for my live sale. After all, there is no way to be a para remotely, so I would just not have a job. Not a super happy thought, but I really don't know that things will go that far. I guess time will tell. For now I will just do what I have been doing. Washing my hands like I always do. Going to work every day like I always do. And trying to fit in time several days a week to work on dolls and doll items. Really, there is not a lot else that I can do. I'm not going to give myself an ulcer from worrying.

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