Sunday, March 29, 2020

So Much Baking

      When I first started on a low carb way of eating I did a ton of baking. You kind of have to because all of a sudden there are so many premade items you can no longer eat. Since I have been home I have been baking a bit more. I have the time, I might as well. The other day I decided I really wanted some pancakes. So I pulled out my binder of recipes and made these peanut butter chocolate chip pancakes that I have had a recipe for for a long time and have never made. 
      They looked good and the recipe was fairly simple. But they were very dry, did not taste peanut buttery and were just sort of a letdown. I need to remember to take that recipe out of my binder...
     That same day I decided that it was about time I finally made some empanadas. I have had these presses since my last birthday. And I have never used them. 
     The dough was being a bit tricky and was occasionally frustrating, but then I figured out a good process that made them a lot easier and assembly went faster. 
      And they were so good! I figured they would be excellent with sour cream and I was not wrong. Ethan said next time I make them we should add green chiles and black olives. That might be a good idea. 

     Friday I worked on last minute prep for my live sale. I decided to make some horse boots, since I had almost none in my stock. 
     Travis and I also had school as usual. We had an extra big day of science and learned about the skull, colored a skull and made it into a mask, then we colored, cut out, sorted and glued vertebrates into categories. Friday was an excellent school day! We did a lot of science and got a lot of other work done as well. I also saw an email from my principal later in the day. I guess there is going to be some distance learning happening. It looks like... I am not sure. I don't know if it's through video classes or what. I don't know if there is anything at all I can or should do. So I will wait until there is more information and figure it out. 
Friday I also got a couple of photos from Teresa Buzzell of her cross country entry at Breyerwest. 
photo by Nelli Lucas
     I absolutely love the close up photo! I love getting photos of my dolls in action. I should take the time to set up some performance scenes. Just for fun. And photos. I do have a new performance horse that needs some practice. 
Photo by Nelli Lucas
     Friday I also decided that I needed to do some more baking. Mostly it was because I thought we needed something more to go with supper. So I pulled out one of my many low carb cookbooks (I have lots of them) and I found a recipe for Italian bread sticks that I had never tried. It was not overly complex or finicky, which is a quality I appreciate in a recipe. 

      They turned out really well, have a good texture and were super delicious! I would definitely make these again. 
       So today is my birthday. I'm 41. I might make myself a birthday cake later. I have a really good birthday cake recipe. The other day Ethan asked me where I want to pretend to go out to eat for my birthday. I honestly have no idea, lol! But if we are pretending to go out, I can pretend to eat forbidden foods, right???


pawprint said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day!

Field of Dolls Studio said...

Thanks so much!

timaru star ii said...

Happiest of Birthdays Ann! I dropt in on your sale and it was very interesting - I learned a lot. Enjoy your day and get your breath back!