Sunday, March 1, 2020

English and Western and Micros, Oh My!

     Yesterday I posted that my Micro-naut arrived. Today I can post that my Squirrel from Maggie Bennett arrived. I laughed when I saw the card because I had been seeing posts about him and thought that people were just being distracted by a shiny object ("Squirrel!" is a reference to the movie Up, which was what the dogs were being distracted by). He's a pretty cool horse. I am not yet sure if I am loving him or not. He'll hang out for a bit while I figure out how I feel about him. 
      Only not doing anything would have caused me to not being able to finish the casual western doll I had in the works. She only needed her head and some shirt buttons. She got got finished up and is ready to be sent home. 
       I sometimes really like painting doll faces and sometimes I don't. This time around the hardest part was taking the paint out. I just didn't feel like painting faces! But it was the first thing I did and I got it out of the way. 
      After I finished up the western doll, which did not take very long at all, I got into dressing this casual English doll. I really wanted to do one in lime green. A lot of people really love lime and I have never done a lime casual English doll, or any English doll with lime. So this lady came together. She has pale blond hair that actually looks really excellent with the lime. Ethan likes her because she is wearing lime green. I then went to my studio page on Facebook to ask for opinions on whether she should get buttons on her shirt or keep the hidden button look she has going on now. I like the hidden button look and everyone that commented seems to also be into it. So she'll stay this way. Though I am thinking she might need a belt. I'll take a look at her again and figure out if she really wants that or not. Hidden buttons, to me, are a bit fancier than buttons that show, so maybe her breeches need a belt. 
      So today is the first day of March. NaMoPaiMo is officially over for the year, or the painting portion anyway. I hope everyone is proud of what they did, even if they didn't get to completely finish and even if their horse is not exactly to the level they would like it to be. I wish I was close enough to Jennifer to help her pack and ship prizes. That is a ton of work. Anyway, it's March, it's my birthday Monday. It is 29 days to my birthday and 28 days until my live sale (and my friend Brandi's birthday). I only have 4 short weeks to finish prepping for my sale! It's a week until Daylight Savings, so we get to set the clocks forward (and lose and hour of sleep...), about 3 weeks until the official first day of Spring... March is a busy month. I need to focus and really start getting my projects finished. 

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