Sunday, November 1, 2020

A Longterm project

   During NaMoPaiMo, I watched the progress of Kristen Taylor's custom Breyer Andalusian. And I wanted it. That may have been last year, but who really knows what day it is these days anyway? I once bought one of these mares, Mamacita to be exact, because I thought she would be an excellent performance horse. When she arrived I quickly realized that she would be an excellent performance horse if she was customized. Her forelock was really in the way. So when I saw Kristen's custom I was excited. Though the offers went out of my price range quickly when she went up for sale. 
     Anyway, the idea that the Breyer Andalusian would be a nice performance model didn't leave me. During Breyerfest this year (I am sure it was THIS year, this time, lol) I saw one come up in some group as a body and they said OBO (or best offer) because it has flaws. I made an offer and it was refused, no counter offer. I hate when that happens. So I inquired further and got sort of a rude message back saying that they couldn't really go lower than the listed price because after shipping it wouldn't be worth it. OK, then don't list it saying you will take offers, my offer was not a low-ball one, just lower than the listed price. I hunted around and eventually remembered Jennifer used these for the Performance Challenge classes at The Jennifer Show. I was in luck, she still had one. 
      The mare has sat in my closet since she arrived. I never seem to have time for extra projects. Recently I got it in my head that it would be really cool to have a performance entry that I make absolutely everything for. I am not sure what type of entry yet, but I do think it would be a lot of fun to make everything. I figured since I have a horse, I should start there. 
       I also prepped a whole bunch of doll bodies while I was at it. And I discovered that taking off a mane is kind of hard. At least for me. It didn't help that I managed to launch my very last sanding band somewhere into the yard. I had to use something that was probably not even sort of the correct tool for the job. But I wanted to do it while I was already set up. Probably should have waited.

     So I managed to painstakingly take the mane and forelock off this horse. Now I will need to sand and sand and make sure the parts I dremeled are nice and smooth. I am hoping that I did a neat enough job removing the hair that I don't have to do a whole bunch of resculpting (which may be beyond my skills) to make her ready for new hair. I think I can handle the mane and forelock. I have done things like that a bit in the past. 
     So after I get this lady prepped, a new hairdo done, and more prepping done, she will need to be painted. I am thinking that she might be my NaMoPaiMo horse. I still have time to work on her before February. So that is my plan. For now anyway.
     If I can pull off getting her finished during NaMoPaiMo, it will be a big hurdle finished in the plan to put together a performance entry where I make absolutely everything. I will need to make some tack, but not knowing what I want to do for the entry makes it tricky to know what type of tack to make. I am open to ideas and suggestions. I could picture her pulling a sleigh, but I am pretty positive I can't make a sleigh that I would be proud of. So I will keep on thinking.
       I am not a great sculptor, or painter, so I am definitely getting started with potentially the toughest part of my big project. Though not knowing exactly what I want to do for my performance entry means the horse may not be the toughest part of the project. But I want to stretch myself and try new things. Even if it doesn't all come together perfectly I want to have something that is entirely made by me. I think that will be something to be proud of. Even if none of it is perfect.


Lynn Isenbarger said...

I am excited to follow this project from today's post to painting to making the other things to use with her for shows.

timaru star ii said...

Just for the record, a sleigh is a good idea: there aren't wheels. I have made sleigh parts from cardboard, er, cereal-box, and leather.

Braymere said...

I can't wait to see what you do with her!