Saturday, November 21, 2020

Awesome Progress

     Since April, I have been on the hunt for Batman fabric. Travis really likes Batman and I wanted to try to make him a Batman mask. But there has been nothing for months. I found lots of different pieces of Batman fabric on Etsy, eBay and even got a text from my friend Krista who has found some about a week ago at a Walmart. I said I would check my Walmart. They didn't have any. Poop. 
    Then the other day, I got a text from Elecktra's friend Sam, who works at Joann's. Sam has been keeping an eye out for Batman fabric for me and let me know that they FINALLY had some in stock.
     And both the patterns were cool, so I got 1/4 yard of each. That is way more than enough to make Travis a mask. And I am pretty sure he will like both of them. So the fabric is in the basket, waiting for laundry day to get washed, and then I can talk myself into making some more masks. The idea is not appealing. 
     I have been working away on dolls for most of the afternoon when I get home from school. But soon I can ease up a little bit. Not work every single day (including weekends). Soon I'll be able to cut back to just a few days a week working on dolls. For now though the wild push to keep going. We are so close to my Black Friday sale at this point. Must. Keep. Going. 
     Thanksgiving is this week and we are going completely non-traditional this year. I said, why don't we just make a whole bunch of new things we have been wanting to try. So that is what we will do. There might be a turkey, or maybe a ham or something. Maybe not. I think there are going to be tacos, with shells made out of cheese. Not new, but it's delicious. Some kind of buffalo chicken pull-apart bread. I think I am going to make cinnamon rolls. I am not sure what else there might be, but it all sounds delicious. 


ELauer said...

Although red is and always has been my favorite color, for some reason I just adore the doll with the lavender hair!

Danielle Feldman said...

Your Thanksgiving dinner sounds like it will be Amazing! We're going traditional for the sides, but I'm not sure what protein to go with yet... Maybe we'll go non-traditional as well?

timaru star ii said...

You are truly generous with your imagination. I never heard of tacos for Thanksgiving, but this year? -- why not--!!