Tuesday, November 3, 2020

We Are Looking For Fun

        I have had some questions here and there about where certain entries go in the Field of Dolls Online show. I understand that historically, shows have had some pretty strict rules about where things should go. This show is not like that. Yes, certain things will do better in a particular class over another, but there are not really any hard and fast rules. Let’s say you have a harness class, you would put that in harness, but potentially you could put it in other performance. Or you could put your horse in harness in the harness class and then a totally different harness entry, with the same horse, in other performance. As long as it technically fits in the class, it’s fine.

        I tried to limit the amount of classes in the regular part of the show, a bit, because I was separating by OF and AR/CM. Which already doubles the amount of classes I need to find prizes for. I am planning another online show for the Spring and will be tweaking the class list a bit. I may also combine all of the traditional performance classes. These days more and more OF models are incredibly competitive. But for now we will keep on talking about this show. 
      I do not have a scene class in the regular performance division, but the specialty classes are all scene classes. As long as your entry fits the prompt, it can go in the class. Though likely a more creative entry will do better.
     My goal with the Field of Dolls Online show was to offer a traditional class list and a variety of the creative classes that have become common in many shows these days. The creative classes are very popular with a lot of people. I wanted to offer a ton of prizes. I also wanted the entry fee to be very low. I want the show to be fun for the entrants, myself, and for Marisa and Liesl. Model horse showing, and our hobby, should be fun.
     If you are interested in entering the show you have until November 20th to enter and upload photos. Then the albums will be locked, the password changed, and judging will begin on the 21st. Speaking of the password, it is case sensitive. Meaning the capital letter at the beginning needs to be a capital letter in the password. There will be a livestream of part of the results on December 5th and full results will be emailed to all entrants after the livestream. TONS of prizes, so there are plenty to go around. Happy Showing!

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