Saturday, March 11, 2023

Minis for Sale

    It's time for the next round of pieces I am letting go of. And just to repeat, I am not leaving the hobby, but I am seriously downsizing my collection. I already started with the micros, which are listed here, and now today you are getting minis. I have a variety available, some artist resins, one custom, and a bunch of OFs. Shipping is a little bit tricky since the ARs will cost more to ship due to needing to be packed differently and so on. So I think I will go with OFs are $5 to ship, for up to 3, ARs are $10 to ship. OF riding along with an AR can ship free. And if you want to bundle and make an offer, please feel free. The worst I can say is no. I am looking to seriously downsize my collection, not just give things away. Anything that doesn't sell now will be available at my live sale, which I am hoping to have at the end of the month, but that is coming up fast, so I may need to rethink that a bit. Oh, there is a micro at the end of this post that was stashed with a box of mini Breyers. Please send me an email to if you would like to purchase. 

Curio sized Ranch Mare by Morgen Kilbourn painted by Kenzie Williamson. $400

Pixel, sculpted and painted by Morgen Kilbourn. Seems to have suffered a broken leg at some point. The repair could be better. $150

Moxie sculpted by Sarah Rose and painted by Angelica Anzelmo (Nelson) to this super gorgeous appaloosa. $225

Mini Barnaby sculpted by Nikki Button and painted by Stephanie Blaylock $350

Mini Mira sculpted by Sheila Bishop and painted by Angelica Anzelmo (Nelson). $300

Mini Brio sculpted by Sheila Bishop and painted by Angelica Anzelmo (Nelson) $275

Stone chip resin. Painted by me. Feel free to strip it, add to him, or just be fascinated to own something that I a doll maker painted, lol, $40

Django $100

Appy mystery horse surprise $10

Ellington, deluxe collectors club model $40

Navya 2017 Breyerfest store special $50

2018 mystery horse surprise gold filigree chase piece. $50

2021 stablemate club Tobias $25

2021 stablemate club Atticus $25

2021 premier club Fireheart $100

Prepped mini working for chex $15

Resin duck Sprat by Kenzie Williamson
2022 premier club Giorgio $60 (sold)

Stablemate lovers shadowbox set G2 appaloosa $7

2022 stablemate club Shelburne $25

2022 stablemate club unicorn Fireheart $50

2022 stablemate club Phineas $25

Maggie's monthly micro November 2022 Soldadito de Plomo $40



Unknown said...

I would be thrilled to have the Giorgio if no one has claimed him yet.

Anne Field said...

please send me an email at if you want to purchase