Friday, July 3, 2020

Expanding the Flock

      It finally stopped raining. Not for long, we only get a short break and then more storms are supposed to be coming through. But it was nice to enjoy the briefest bit of sunshine and dryer ground. It was also nice to be able to drive over to see my parents (distantly) and not have to worry that Ethan would be stuck syphoning off the roof by himself. Sunshine is really quite freeing! Travis came with me so he could see Memere and Pepere (my parents) since he has not seen them in many months. We went over the rules on the way, we can't go inside and we can't hug anyone. He seemed to enjoy at least being able to see them and say hi. And run around there yard a bit. 
     After our visit we went to Lowes to get some more flamingos. Ethan said it would be fun to get some larger ones. So we got two and Travis and I decided they are the mom and dad flamingos. They are about twice the size of the other 6 we have, so it makes sense. One of the parent birds is hanging out in the hostas with one of the small birds. The others are all in the mulch closer to the trailer. I am still incredibly amused by these classic (tacky) decorations!
    I did a bit more work on some saddle pads. I got the felt for the backing cut out. I may even get some sewn up. That has not happened yet, but it might. Ethan put up a new shelf in the kitchen, over the broom closet (where the printer always sat) and we have a few things up there (including the printer) so they are out of the way but much more accessible than they were. We no longer have to dig through the closet to get printer paper! The work to make the top of the closet level (it does not reach the ceiling and does not have a top) made a bit of a mess so we moved stuff around near the computer and cleaned a bunch of things that haven't been cleaned in a bit. We organized the spaghetti mess that is all the cords and cable that are involved with the computer and internet and it all looks a lot better. The kitchen is starting to look quite nice in places. Not on the ancient floor, which I think is original from the 60's, but the walls look good. Bits and pieces of things keep happening, regardless of the horrible weather. It really would be excellent if we could catch up on repairs and maintenance while we are both home. 
     Today I need to go and get my oil changed and get an inspection sticker. But then maybe there is a project I can help with or I can do some saddle pad sewing. I still need to make my sale schedule and gather my prizes. Only 3 days until my live sale! Sunday at 2:00 EDT on my studio page on Facebook. 

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