Thursday, July 23, 2020

More Sewing

     As some of you are well aware, I don't really like sewing. I like that I can sew, it is just not one of those things that I am every dying to do. I don't find myself bored and think, I should do some sewing to relax. I am extremely grateful that I can sew, but I like quick projects. I once made a TARDIS tote bag (had TARDIS print fabric and really seemed to be bigger on the inside) and it took 10 and a half hours just for the sewing part. I was glad when it was done. Come to think of that bag, I think it might be a great replacement for my plain pink handled tote that I keep doll stuff in. It may need to be washed first. 
    Anyway, off topic, we are talking about sewing. Some days I am highly motivated and I get a lot of stuff done. Some days I think about doing a lot of stuff and I get some things done. The other day was sort of a mix of those things. I did work on some sewing.
     I have been trying out the shaped masks to see how I like them. Turns out, I like them a lot. I make mine with elastic that goes behind your head, so they don't pull on your ears at all. They don't poke me in the eyes when I have them properly up over my nose. They tuck nicely under my chin and are really the most comfortable masks I have worn. 
     So I made a bunch in this style. Including this hot pink leopard print one, I was looking for doll clothes fabric and found it. I have done saddle pads from this fabric even though it is technically a bit too big. It's perfect for a very pink mask though! Would you believe this is the only pink mask I own?
     I went to Joann's on a mission. Again. I was still looking for Batman fabric. Or any fabric that Travis might like for masks. He borrowed one of Ethan's bandanna masks (not the folded ones, an actual mask I made out of a bandanna) and while he was fine wearing it and even said he liked matching Daddy's mask when they went out, he has been requesting his Toy Story mask. So Travis came with me to pick some fabric. The little skulls mask was fabric Travis chose. I made a fitted style mask for him, but so far he has only worn the pleated style for any length of time. 
     Part of why I was sewing masks again, and looking for mask material, was because we will need them for school. So then I got to thinking about all my teacher friends. I have made masks for several of them just because masks are mandatory for going out in public. But most of them got one, maybe 2 from me. For a full week of school I feel like everyone needs more. We should have probably at least 2 each day. What if you sneeze in your mask? I know I would want to change mine if that happened. Anyway, I was thinking about school and teachers and masks and I was at Joann's looking at their empty shelves. I was thinking about Cathy (my sister) and I texted her some fabrics to see if she liked them. Cathy can sew. Cathy, I am sure, learned to sew before I was even born (I am pretty sure Mom taught her when she was really little as well). But I was thinking about teachers, and Cathy is a teacher, so I started texting her pictures of fabrics I thought she would like. She asked if I needed an intervention and I sent her this photo. 
       Clearly that level of fabric buying is not intervention worthy. I also modeled one of the shaped masks for her. I also have a pleated Hello Kitty one. This one is more comfortable. I am into comfortable stuff. And pretty much no makeup in the summer because I just melt. It was about 100 the day this photo was taken. 
     In the end I got a small variety of new fabrics to make masks with. Travis picked out the skulls and Mandalorian print. The girl cutting my fabric schooled me on the fact that it was not in fact Boba Fett (like I said), but the guy (or some guy) from The Mandalorian. She said Boba Fett is a bad guy and the other guy is not. I then said that Boba Fett is a bounty hunter, that doesn't necessarily make him a bad guy. She then admitted the other guy was a bounty hunter as well, but so far seemed to be a good guy. These are important issues that are discussed at the cutting counter at Joann's. Also, I only buy 1/4 of a yard of fabric for masks, since I end up wanting to make so many different ones, so my purchase was not that big of a deal. And I remembered to buy the sewing machine needles I needed. 
     During this particular sewing day I got some doll clothes cut out, but did not get as far as sewing anything. I need to do that. And I need to prep some dolls and work on miniatures. So many things that need to happen. So many things I am not currently interested in doing. 


timaru star ii said...

I love the important cutting counter discussion angle. So true.
We need some good mask lines and puns: Mask and ye shall receive?

Mackenzie said...

I really like the fitted mask pattern too! I leave the top seam 'open' (hemmed but not attached to each other) to be able to slide a coffee filter/shop cloth filter in there if I want/need to.