Thursday, July 30, 2020

The Ultimate Mail Day

      The title of this post is slightly misleading. I had a really excellent mail day, but it was probably not the ultimate. But any day where you get more fun stuff than bills is a good day. I got 3 fun packages and only one bill. And the bill was lower than expected, so that was also fun. Anyway, I got the Fantasia Del C from Jennifer Buxton. I was room sales shopping "at the Clarion" and I saw one (different one, same mold) and I remembered how much I wanted to fix this mare and turn her into a fantastic performance horse. The one I saw was cheap, and said it was definitely body quality and they would take a lower price, make an offer. I made an offer and got back no. No counter offer or anything, just no. So I instantly lost interest in that deal. I remembered this had been the challenge horse at The Jennifer Show though, so I asked Jennifer if she happened to have any left. And I was in luck! I also received my horse skull and stickers I bought from Maggie Bennett. The horse skull is super cool and I kind of wish I had gotten more than one.Maybe next year. Oh, as you can see, I did also start putting stickers on my sewing machine. There will be stickers on ALL THE THINGS soon. 
     Jennifer included a little present with the horse. I absolutely love getting these little gift bags from Jennifer, and this in itself would have been enough (I still have every single one I have received from her). 
      Inside was a gorgeous collection of miniature horse books! Because dolls like to read (obviously). I absolutely love them! Now I also kind of want to send a random gift to a hobby friend. I don't know what to send. Or to who. Not that I don't have options.
     I also got in this awesome new bridle from Danielle Hart. This is the third braided bridle I have from her and it was specifically purchased for Purdy Zippin Chick. Mandy Claussen is making me a saddle, which I am going to bling out (I ordered the bling to match the bridle) and I need to make a doll. It's crazy how many projects I have made for myself by buying a new horse! And now apparently I need to customize a horse. What have I gotten myself into?
     I got started on sewing masks for school. These 3 are for Cathy, even though she can totally sew. I couldn't help myself. I also made another for Travis and one for my friend Angelique. I have 7 or 8 cut out that are not specifically for anyone yet. I will get the sewing done sooner or later.
     We did a bunch more deconstruction in preparation for more construction. We are getting there. Pretty soon the really bad parts will be done and the rest will just be upgrading or updating. I think. But things are going reasonably well as far as I can tell. And I have some cool model horse plans in my future. Which is definitely nice.

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Horse Models Galore said...

My favorite day is when tack and materials come in the mail too!