Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Tiny Things

      A lot of the items I bought for the miniature sale come in bulk. That is, stuffed in a bag together risking damage in shipping. To make things both easier to ship, and harder to prep, I decided to put everything in individual bags. This way I can stuff everyone's purchases in a bubble mailer or box and not have to worry about damage in shipping. Most miniatures are pretty rugged anyway, but a bit of extra protection is good. It does mean buying tiny bags in extremely large quantities. 
    Separating and packaging miniatures takes a ridiculous long time. Originally my plan was to put a little Field of Dolls Studio label on everything. That is not going to happen. Not only will it take an extra several hours to do all the printing and cutting, I would then have to fight with the stapling. I just can't do it. I currently have about 42 items (I think?) with more on my list to make and more that just might show up on time. I need to cut down the prep time somewhere. So I will separate and bag, but nothing else. 
     I am working on that printable PDF catalog that I mentioned. I finally have a design I like, though I may need to tweak things a bit with it because I think I have too many items to fit on it. It would be SO much easier to just do a price list but I want to add a little photo of everything. I think it would be more fun and I think it would be easier for shopping. It takes about 10X as long to put together, but I think it will be nice in the end. The order I have things on the PDF will be the order they come up during the sale. It all makes sense to me, even if the order doesn't necessarily make any sense to anyone else. 
     One of the things I do while I am bagging the minis is I take photos for the catalog and blog post catalog. Tiny pizza is adorable. 
    I found out from playing with it that 8 slices makes a full pizza. I imagine someone will want that information. 
     I am just about done with packaging up the miniatures I ordered (the ones that have arrived already that is) and it was time to get into some miniature crafting, I started with paper plates. I made so many paper plates that my fingers are sore. I used some to go with different pastry items I ordered and I have some that will be just in sets on their own. My plan is to offer both the large and small plates in sets. It was nice to finally be able to cross one of the miniatures projects off my list. Bunches to go!
     So I am down to under 4 weeks to finish prepping for the miniatures sale. I think I can do it. I have a good start on things and a good plan. I don't have a crafting plan yet so I should really work on that. There is still so much to do!

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