Sunday, July 12, 2020

Virtual Breyerfest Day 2

      Breyerfest day two I decided was going to be fun. I had not even attempted to watch any of the demos on Friday, so I needed to give that a try. There are SO MANY to choose from ! I watched Jennifer Danza's video on painting eyes. 
      I watched Nan Wagner talk about restoring Breyers. I was not interested in the restoration part, but the color matching techniques. Not sure I can use them for customs... but the information and tips were certainly good!
     I also watched Laura Thomson's video on pastelling. I have done a bit of pastelling, but not super well. Or super bad. I think what I need next is to find a place that will tell me which colors go on which layer for which final color. I do love the look of pastelled horses (or most any well done medium). But knowing where to start to get to where you want to end is still the tricky part. 
     Travis and I got a bit of waiting in a line in the hot sun experience. We had to go to Walmart and there was quite a long line to get in today. In case anyone doesn't get that, Massachusetts is still following pretty strict guidelines and not only do we have to wear masks in public, but only a certain number of people are allowed in stores at the same time. Not that people stay out of way once you get IN the store, but yeah, we did some waiting in a hot line, which I hear is a very realistic Breyefest experience. 
    While we were there I decided to check and see if they had any blind bag Breyers because I just can't help myself! I grabbed all the ones that were still sealed, figured the surprise would be fun (and accurate Breyerfest experience) and this is what I ended up with. The 3 green Magnolias are all very different. The 2 Alborozos are more similar to each other I think. And I have never seen this purple chase piece as far as I know, but he's cool. I doubt I will keep any of the horses, I just like getting unicorns and seeing what I get. Just as soon as I can find some in stock I should grab a case of the new shrinkie stablemates. I already have the ones I want for myself, but blind bags are fun!
      Conveniently right after the wait in the hot line (and shopping) it was my special run line time. I was drawn for Brighid and Beltane as well as Lugh. I put Lugh on my list because my friend wanted him. I am not sure if I will keep the ponies or not. Or the mare anyway, I have no interest in the foal. I'll have to decide when I see her in person. 
       I also watched the movie and presentation done by the Knights of Valor, which was fun. I managed to grab a really fun screenshot of Boudica. My friend Laura said she reminded her of me. Lol, maybe. 
    I tried again to buy some of the limited edition models. I even managed to get them into my cart a couple of times. The first time I still had something in there that was sold out and I could not get it out and check out. Then the next time I had things in my cart (everything I wanted, it was perfect!) and the site froze. It just would not let me check out. Then one by one the things were sold out and I, again, could not get them out of my cart to continue. And if I did, it was frozen. So that was a bit frustrating. I don't NEED the things, I just want them. But so far it is not looking like that will happen. 
     I did not win the Saturday raffle model. I am not overly surprised, I don't really have that kind of luck. But there is still the Sunday raffle and the glossy Ballycore raffle. I don't really want any of them, but winning things is fun. And at this point BUYING horses from the limited edition store will seem like winning, checking out seems to be incredibly challenging!

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