Sunday, November 27, 2022

Complete Conga for One Second

    For the past couple of years, I have been all in with Breyer. I bought models from Breyerfest, grabbed limited collector's club runs when I could snag them, joined the premier club and the stablemate club, and even was working on completing a conga of Django models. It was fun and it was going well. I said that as long as keeping the conga complete was a fairly easily obtainable thing, I would do it. So when Breyer showed the model for the deluxe collector's club was this Django (that I am sure has a name, but I don't know what it is), I of course had to join the deluxe collector's club. 
     This guy arrived a week or two ago. I can't say which because time has all flowed together so I never quite know what day it is. Right now I am fairly sure it's Sunday morning. And I know that November is almost over and how did that even happen? Anyway, this guy arrived, he's lovely, and I have a complete conga. 

     There are still not tons and tons of them, so it isn't the biggest conga. Big enough that I can only see the chests, so I miss a lot of details on these amazing models. It really is an excellent mold. And even though I am not really all in with Breyer these days, and I am not an OF collector. I was pretty pleased to have my complete conga. 
     I believe it was a day or two after my deluxe collector's club bonus model arrived that I saw in the newsletter that I was about to not have a complete conga. Again. This guy is one of the Merry and Bright blind bag offerings.
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     So that's it. I am not willing to chase down a model that I only really want because it would complete the conga (again). I was also not really willing to pay $25 each (limit 2) for the chance to get one of them. I did not want to take the gamble and then work to trade with someone to try to get the one I wanted, since I am likely to not get the Django. I have paid more than $25 for a couple of these models, but there are things that you are willing to do when you are all in that you are not willing to do when you are not. And I am not these days. I am not an OF collector. 

      I mentioned on the live portion of my semi-live sale that I was likely going to have another sale in March. This one would be a lot of things from my personal collection. I assured everyone that I am not leaving the hobby, because I am not. But I have a lot of things that I am not using or just no longer interested in. One of the things I am not interested in is owning an almost complete conga of Django. So I am going to be selling most of them. Someone already asked about a couple, and they are gone. So the conga is even less complete than it was just a few days ago. If you know you need one of them feel free to reach out and ask about it. I potentially still have it, and it might be one I am probably selling. 
     So the next semi-live sale will clearly be a different sort of thing. I am thinking around my birthday, which is the end of March, and I will have stablemates, mini resins, micros (both painted and unpainted), possibly traditional scale resins, there is the possibility of traditional scale OF models, likely tack, maybe some dolls (some that I used and some I will make before then), there could be props, probably medallions, and probably some 1:9 scale dollhouse miniatures. I have WAY too much stuff and I need to have less. I need to have things that I use, not just that sit in the storage locker. 
     Thanks Breyer for the interesting fun of collecting a complete conga of Django models. It was fun while it lasted. And for anyone that thinks I am doing this because I am depressed or angry about the loss of the conga, go back and read several year's worth of blog posts. I am not an OF collector and it is actually pretty weird for me to have worked at getting a complete conga in the first place. I also routinely purge my collection to get down to almost bare bones. Though this time I am thinking more bare bones than before. I have some specialty tack that might be headed out. We'll see. 

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