Saturday, November 26, 2022

The Sale Continues, Small Business Saturday Items

     The semi-live sale was very successful yesterday. I felt scattered and behind pretty much the entire time I was live, but that happens when you are selling miniatures. They really don't work super well in a live, or even semi-live, sale format. I did an inventory this morning and I do have some items left that were not claimed. Some of the photos have the claim code (mine) on them. You don't need that, it won't help here. I just don't want to change the photos now that I started. I will put the price, and how many sets I have, below each photo. Feel free to comment on this post or comment on the Facebook post where I will put the link to this post, to claim. All the miniatures that show several of the same item, or a drink and snacks, come as a set. So the prices are for the set, not an individual piece. Happy shopping!

Pastries, set of 6, $3. I have 7

Crullers, set of 6, $3. I have 4

ice coffee drinks set of 6, $5. I have 3

Coffee and cookies set, $3 each. I have 12

iced tea and treats set, $4. I have one set
Diet cokes, set of 6, $5. I have 4

Coke Zero, set of 6, $5. I have 4

Handmade wraps, cookies, orange and Starbucks drink, $10 for the set. I have one.

6 small loaves of bread. $4 each set. I have 2

Set of 6 pieces of chicken, $4 each set. I have 3

Doll blankets, $5 each. I have 5 green ones left. 

Judge's kits, $5 each. I have 1

removable helmets that fit the Yvonne-type dolls. One green, $15 . 

SOLD One palm tree backpack, $28

SOLD Horse lunch bag, with lunch, I forgot to post it for the sale. $38

Western pleasure doll with turquoise shirt. Casual enough you could potentially get away with her in working classes too, at smaller shows (I said potentially). $230. 

   If you see something, or several somethings, you want, please let me know. I will try to keep the post updated as things sell. Thanks so much for supporting my business!



Kat Barnfield said...

I would love the lunch box set and a Judges kit please..

Kat Barnfield

Liz Cory said...

I would love to have a judge's kit please. Thank you!!