Thursday, November 24, 2022

Dolls for the Black Friday Live Sale

     I did not end up having bunches of time to work on dolls for my Black Friday live sale, so I don't have tons and tons of dolls. But I do have a nice variety. I have 4 western pleasure dolls, the lady in red has black hair, the first doll in silver has red hair, the grey/silver doll has black hair, and the blue doll has brown hair. 

$230 each

The first navy coat hunt seat doll has brown hair, the black coat doll next to her has brown hair as well, the black coat doll next to her has blond hair, and the doll on the far right has black hair. 

$230 each

This hunt seat youth doll is done on the little Yvonne body, with a kid head, and brown hair. I have reinforced the body so she doesn't fall apart as easily (all dolls can fall apart if roughly handled). The rainbow western pleasure doll is also done in the little Yvonne body with a kid head, and she had blond hair. Her body has also been modified and reinforced. 

$230 each
    The casual western doll in pink is done on the Lena body and has black hair in a braid. The western pleasure doll next to her is also done on the Lena body with black hair. Her hat is permanent. 
Left to right: $210, $230, $210, $210

While I don't have a lot of options, I do have a small variety of English and western options. My doll prices are going to have to go up a small amount in January, so get the lower prices while you can. The Black Friday Live sale will be held tomorrow, November 25th at 3:00 pm ET on my studio page on Facebook.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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