Wednesday, September 30, 2020

3D Printing

      The last few years have had an explosion of 3D printed props in the model horse hobby. It has been wonderful for performance showers and anyone that just likes tiny horse items for barn scenes or just because they are cool. I still have not taken out all of my props to photograph them (I have been collecting props for a really long time!) which I will do eventually. But I did get a bunch of stuff out to play with. And I realized that I have A LOT of 3D printed items. And I am pretty sure I have more hidden here and there that didn't make it into these photos. 
     Another overwhelming theme in my collection is pink. I have a ton of pink items. I have a collection of pink gift bags, sent to me at different times, by Jennifer Buxton. I have a pink mounting block, feed pan, pink laptop, pink coffee cup... so many pink items. I do have other things that are not pink, but I definitely have a lot of pink. 
      I have a variety of buckets and muck buckets, mostly pink. I kind of want to have more. I keep thinking about adding more to my collection. Maybe teal, or red. Those sound nice. 
      I have a couple of pink grooming totes, pink milk crates (I have other milk crates as well, this is just the one that made it into a photo), pink cones, pink jump blocks, pink cleaning tools. Lots of pink. It makes me happy. And really, the 3D printed items in general make me happy. I found a new place on Facebook, Rockin W Ranch-Hobbies and I have been compiling an order of more items that I just clearly "need". Not that I really need another milk crate, I think I have 4 now. And not that I need more grooming totes, but whatever, this one is different. I sort of do need another saddle stand. But my pig, Bacon, makes a good saddle stand for the moment so it's not a desperate need. I just happen to love miniatures. And I definitely love 3D printed stuff. I also need to gather together more prizes for my online show. Prizes are important after all. 


Wyoming Artwork said...

It's quite clear to me that you need to spraypaint your red fence to pink... :D

Michelle said...

I can make pink fence too! And a pink gate that works.

Horse Models Galore said...

That's so cool! My brother has a 3D printer, so I pay him to print stuff for me.