Saturday, September 5, 2020

Not Just Food

      I absolutely love fish and chips. I couldn't eat it much because the grease used to always make me feel kind of sick. I did find one place to get it where it didn't bother me. But no matter what, I would eat it because I loved it. 

      Sadly, fish and chips is not low carb. So many things are not low carb. But we got a deep frier and I decided it was time again to have fish and chips again. A week or so ago I found a good recipe for low carb fried chicken. I used the same breading for the fish, made jicama fries, and made "pickle cream" (what Travis named tarter sauce). 

     It was amazing. I really enjoyed it and we will definitely be making it again. Though I do think that I will make something else into fries next time. 
       I think I have basically decided that I am going to hold an online show. Yesterday I worked for a awhile on a class list and I started thinking of prizes, doing some research and I even played with Google Forms (since I know how to use that now) and made an entry form. I have not 100% committed yet, but I am strongly leaning towards holding an online show. I will decide soon.

      I am looking forward to the livestream of the Pandemic Performance results later on today. That is definitely something I like about on line shows. Some of them have live streams for results, the ones on Facebook you can see the results come in. I have really been enjoying it. I think I may need to offer another showing opportunity. 

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