Tuesday, September 22, 2020


       I think I have mentioned before that I am bad at free time. It's true for the most part. Recently I am finding that a lot of what I liked to do in my free time, I can't currently do, or not as much. Ever since I got that migraine the other day I have felt just a little off every time I look at a screen. I get the weird feeling just checking the weather on my phone. The TV bothers me slightly less, but it still sort of bothers me. I can't spend a ton of time on the computer so less emailing, less game playing, less shopping. That last one might be a good thing. I also have to skip some research because I really am afraid of that pain. I have never had a migraine before and I really hope I never have one again. Also, a lot of you have probably picked up on the fact that I have to be on the computer to blog. It's kind of hard. But the thought of not blogging bothers me. I have been doing really well this year. So I have the brightness turned way down on the monitor and I often just look away when I type. I don't need to see it. Or the keyboard really.
     Part of what I have been doing when I am avoiding screens is working on horse boots. I don't think I had any at my last two live sales and a few people have been asking for them. So I have been picking away at some. I am really hoping to have at least a handful of every style of boot I make for my next live sale. Which will be my Black Friday sale. My Black Friday sale last year was my first live sale ever. I really do love having them that way. 
      I have not been putting in tons of hours on dolls since school started back up so between orders and mental burn-out I have not had much time to start working on random dolls to put away for November. Not getting orders done in a timely fashion makes me panic slightly. Not getting dolls done to put away for sales also makes me panic slightly. It's sort of a no-win situation. If I push through the exhaustion I will likely end up completely unproductive for much longer. Or I will mess things up and be mad in a different way. So I just keep reminding myself that I can just do a bit of doll work at a time. Even if I don't start until 4:00, I can work for an hour or two before supper. Sooner or later the time will add up and I will have some finished dolls. 
      I finished up the pink and black western pleasure doll the other day and got a hat for the cowboy and all of a sudden I had 3 dolls finished for my next live sale. Or prizes for the Field of Dolls Online show. I can't actually decide which dolls I want to make for overall prizes. Maybe I will just make a whole bunch of dolls, wrap them, and then blindly pull a couple out of the stack and those will be the prizes. Anyone have any ideas? Suggestions? Dolls that they hope I make for the prizes?
      So screens do weird things to me but I think I will be OK. I ordered some of the blue light blocking glasses and I am hoping they help. They are not cool in any way, but I really don't care. Maybe I will bling them up and make them more fun/ Being able to make it through the day without feeling like poo IS very cool after all. 

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timaru star ii said...

Looking away while typing is a real skill, as is closing your eyes while typing. I hope you feel better soon.