Sunday, September 6, 2020

Online Show Results and Tack Room Cleaning

      I have been enjoying the online shows quite a lot. Yesterday, while waiting for the results from Pandemic Performance Panorama, I decided it was time to clean out my tack room again. It gets to be a huge jumbled mess whenever I show. Live show or Online show, I usually end up throwing all the tack in the tack room when I am done. 
       I won this awesome tack set from Cardshark Online show and I have not yet found it a proper place in the tack room. Bethany Shaw made it and I need to get it on a horse. And get another saddle stand.
      While I had everything out I decided it was time to take a photo of all of my Danielle Hart bridles together. I love them. And I sort of feel like I need more of them. Not sure what color(s) though. 
        I also got all of my Braymere tack together in a photo. I currently have 5 English saddles, 6 English bridles, a working western bridle, a vaulting set, and English breastplate and several nameplate halters. I also have regrets. I have sold at least one other English set Jennifer made, as well as a western set and my side saddle set. Times were hard when those sales happened. But I do wish I could be a black-hole collector. 
     I managed to clean the tack room, even though I have too much in it so it doesn't really look all that clean. I still don't own enough saddle racks so Bacon (my pig) lives in the pony saddle for now. At least I got things neatened up again. I should do this for my props tote as well. I have a lot of props. I am not even entirely sure of everything I have at the moment. It might be good to go through everything and take photos. Maybe it will help me think of some new performance ideas. 
     For now I will go back to waiting on some more Online show results, waiting for details of upcoming online shows and making plans for my own online show. More details to come soon!

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timaru star ii said...

I love that you have an actual tack room for your tack, even though it's clearly not big enough. :) And that is the best name for a pig.