Wednesday, September 2, 2020

I Don't Know

       A very important learning tool is admitting when you don't know something. Because there just might be someone around who does have the answer. Or, if you work in a school right now, when things are so unusual, no one has the answer. I have been back to work for 4 days and I have heard, and said, the phrase I don't know, so many times. There is definitely a lot that is still unkown. But here are some positive thoughts and things that I know. 

     Yesterday, Travis used a fairly complete sentence to ask me to change his calendar to September (it was still on August). It was not perfect, but it was very clear what he was asking for. Tuesday he put together enough things to tell me that he wanted to put the blankets back in the closet that had fallen out. He has had a huge explosion of language this summer. It is an incredibly positive thing. 

      I get to see my school friends. That in itself is a good thing. But to see how well everyone works together to problem solve is always wonderful. And I know not everyone works well at new things, team playing and so on. But most everyone is really trying to work together and is willing to be flexible. And we are still all looking out for each other. Always a good thing. 

     Yesterday I ran into Leah, who I worked with my first year at LHS. She was the one (or one of the two) who gave me my Christmas cactus. When I saw her yesterday I told her it was still alive. And that Ethan re-potted it for me recently. I said I would get a recent photo so she could see it. I need to dig up the picture of it from when I got it. I must have one somewhere. It has gotten big. 

      I have not done tons of doll work lately so I don't have tons to talk about. It would most likely be boring to post about what I have been learning about Google Classroom and the related extensions that work with it. My days are full of weirdness and unknowns, plus staring at a computer screen for a large portion of the day, but I can't say they are boring. A bit tiring, but not boring. Soon I will get back into some more interesting doll work. So far the only things I have done this week are cut out and sew some clothes. Maybe tomorrow I can give some updates on something, anything, that I am working on. I guess we will see. 

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