Sunday, September 20, 2020

Performance Only Photo Show- Other Performance

 There were definitely a handful of unusual classes in the Performance only photo show. Some classes that are just about always in a show were not there. So we have to sort of pick where to put certain photos. I decided to put Bootlegger and his Native Regalia picture in AR/CM Anything goes. There were 4 entries and he got third (there is another regalia photo that got 1st and the photo is amazing!)

     The next class I had was AR/CM traditional scene. There were only 2 entries and Purdy Zippin Chick got 2nd. And I agree with that placing because the other entry was entirely awesome! Mine is just sort of funny. 
The next class was also just two horses and Purdy Zipping chick again got 2nd with her showmanship entry. 
But the next class of 2 was AR/CM in-hand trail and Purdy Zippin Chick got 1st. 
The last class was CM/AR lunge line (English or Western) and Purdy Zippin Chick (who CLEARLY needs a nice short barn name!) got 1st.

     Technically these photos come from the other performance division and the Other Other Performance division. But I saw no reason not to put them together. As I was putting this post together I remembered I did in fact have horses in some of the OF classes. 
     There were 4 entries in the OF traditional Scene class and Lady Liberty got 1st with her picnic at the horse show entry. This entry has grown and evolved over the years!
Lady Liberty also got 1st with her OF showmanship entry. There were 6 entries in that class. 

That's it, that's all I have for this show. At this point I am not sure if the champs are happening or not. But I enjoyed the show and I loved having a new place to show. I hope that people will be interested in the online show I have planned. I have a group on Facebook, Field of Dolls Online Show. Though if you are interested and don't have Facebook send me an email to and let me know and I can send you the show packet and the class list. The show will be held on SmugMug so you don't need Facebook to enter!

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