Monday, September 14, 2020

Here We Go...

       I have been doing professional development for the past 11 days. I have read a ton of IEPs, collaborated with all of the teachers I will be working with (and some that I will not be working with), watched training videos on every aspect of Google, SEL, and videos that staff has made about how to fix issues, what the kids are thinking and so on. The video on what the kids are thinking and feeling was excellent. One of the councilors got kids from most of the grades to get on a video chat and they went through a variety of questions. The good news is, the kids seem like they are going to be understanding that this is new for all of us. At least the group that got to voice their opinions on things. So hopefully we all can figure things out quickly and sort of smoothly. The kids want to make connections and they are concerned that the hybrid model of school will make that harder. They think this year will be weird (a couple said that). Well, we can do this. Weird is OK. We'll survive this. 

        So I think I am ready for school to start officially. I spent a bunch of time yesterday figuring out my schedule and where I need to be and when and on what day. You'd think with 11 days to prep I would have a clue. Nope. I had other things that were more important than knowing what time I have to be in a class! But I have connected with all of the teachers I will be working with, joined all of the Google Classrooms and I wrote down the times for each class on my schedule. And there are bells so I'll be fine. The first day of school is always a little bit scary. This first day feels like my first-first day. At least I know people. That will help. 
       When I got home yesterday I had a couple of packages, and packages always make me happy. I actually had totally forgotten I bought a mini Gustav from Myla Pierce. Not sure how I could have, I paid and she shipped him pretty much instantly. I must have a lot on my mind. She sent him with a little friend. Trunk-up elephants are lucky. So this was well timed. It is going to be a good year. If I say it enough I will start to believe it. 
      Since I have an eye appointment later this afternoon I had to switch my laundry day to yesterday. It was actually really good and I am considering a permanent switch to a Monday laundry day. I could be into it maybe. While we were out I needed to get some lobster clasps from Joann's to make mask leashes (the thought of putting masks down on the desks and so on is not cool). I have one I made for myself and I wanted to make some for friends too. While I was getting materials I found a new friend for my car. How could I refuse this little Swarovski flamingo? Especially when I had a 50% coupon? So now I have a car flamingo and all is right with the world. 
      So I really have no idea how today is going to go. I know how in person getting-to-know-you goes. Some teachers make little videos about themselves but I always choose to just wing it. I find the thought of making a video about myself, that I can edit, to be sort of scary. But just saying stuff about me that pops into my head doesn't bother me at all. As anyone knows who watches my live sales! Sure I'll be nervous, that is one of my things, but winging it works for me. Anyway, today I meet most of the kids I will be working with this year. And I am a little scared. Wish me luck!


Lynn Isenbarger said...

You've got this! You're prepared, you're experienced, and you care. Enjoy your first day back!

timaru star ii said...

Good luck. My family uses old shoelaces for mask-holders, as in "granny-glasses-holders," slung around the neck.
That is one cute flamingo, giving the phrase 'car birding' [birdwatching from a car] a whole 'nother meaning.