Thursday, September 17, 2020

A Funny Thing Happened the Other Day

         I sort of think from now on I am going to do a blog post with commentary on whatever the topic is on Mares In Black. I had an incredibly huge response on yesterday's post about classism in the hobby. I have posts where I am pretty sure people look at the top photo and if it is food, they skip it. I don't just talk about food, even if there is food in the posts. Sometimes I am talking about school or my kids, or life in general. Recently I talk a lot about being tired. It's true, I am tired. But yesterday I talked about classism, which is definitely a hot-button issue these days. A lot of people agreed with what I said. Some people still are firm believers that it is just high end entries that win. I am not going to try and convince anyone. Maybe there are places where judges are pinning their friend's entries. That is not my experience. Maybe there are places where judges are just pinning the "prettiest" entries. I did experience this once and I was not sure it was actually what I was seeing. But I mentioned it to the show holder and other showers had also voiced that concern. Like I said yesterday, for the most part (in performance anyway) it doesn't matter all that much what you spent on a thing. It's how you set it up that matters. The shows I have been to really do pin (usually) by what is the most correct. And if everything is equally correct it then will come down to details. It does happen. Jennifer Buxton did a wonderful post last year on The Wow Factor. If you have not read it, or need a refresher, go take a read. There is a lot that goes into judging performance and also into setting up a good performance entry. And most of it does not rely on spending the most money but creating the most complete picture. And often, time to accumulate the stuff and the skills to do well. 

     Anyway, yesterdays post got shared a lot and has a lot of views. I am glad people are talking about the issue. I wish more of us were better at being in someone else's shoes. I understand envy is an emotion. It is not voluntary. It just happens. Yes, I experience envy at times. About a variety of things. Sometimes I envy people for being able to easily have a date night (alone). Sometimes I have envy about something in someone's collection, a trip they have taken, etc, etc, etc. It does happen. And while you can't necessarily squash all of the envy out of yourself, you can in fact retrain your brain a bit. it's called neuroplasticity. Even though spellcheck doesn't like it and is a real thing. This poem (that I also have taped to the cabinet in my kitchen) is about raising a child with special needs. 

        The poem (which I hope you read) is about planning a wonderful trip to Italy. All the plans and then finding yourself in Holland. And you have to stay there. You can then spend your whole life being upset that you didn't get to go to Italy, or you can appreciate Holland. I feel it can apply to all sorts of areas of your life. You can be upset that you don't have X,Y, or Z, or you can appreciate what you have. Sometimes it is a stretch but you can usually find something to be thankful for. I have a lot of trip envy and definitely some hardcore FOMO at times. And it is hard, I'm not gonna lie. But I can find something to be happy about. Even if it is literally the joy of my friends having a good time and the hope that maybe some day I can be there too. Or being grateful for the Internet so I can at least see the wonderful places they are experiencing. 
       On a lighter note, I am working on a doll that is partially in armor again. I sent this photo of a pile of craft foam to the customer and told her that, clearly, I had a long way to go before it was done. I mentioned to Joan that I use craft foam and witchcraft to make doll armor. It's true, lol. 

      I am still feeling wonky since my migraine the other day. But I am doing better and hopefully today will be better than yesterday. I was told the residuals can last a few days. Super. So a little bit at a time I will be better. Yesterday I actually got to help some kids during a virtual class. It was not a big thing, not yet, but it was a step. We'll get there. We are all learning how to do this. Every day I think will be a little better. A little bit easier. I work with a whole bunch of really amazing people, we will figure this out!
      Since I am limiting my screen time I am going to wrap up this post with a cool photo Juanita Bitter sent me. She said she has her own "field of dolls" and it made me laugh! I love it!

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Braymere said...

I have never been to Italy, but I did visit Holland (the Netherlands) in January. I absolutely loved it and felt completely at home there. I'm sure Italy would have been great, too, but I am Team Holland for life.