Friday, September 4, 2020

A Little Better Every Day

      Every day things get a little bit easier at school. This past week I did more hours than required of training on technology. But I learned a lot of cool things that will likely be very useful to know. I also got some ideas for doll stuff that may be incredibly helpful. I am considering doing my next live sale on YouTube Live. Facebook Live seems to have had issues for people the last couple of times I have either seen a sale or done a sale. Maybe YouTube would be better. They are more properly set up for that sort of thing as far as I know. Plus that would give more people the opportunity to watch. Not everyone uses Facebook. As far as I know everyone can use YouTube. Though you may have to sign in to an account to comment. I am not positive. These are things to research and think about. 

    I did manage to get some answers that I was looking for yesterday. Plus I had a couple of really excellent collaborative chats with colleagues. Now I have a vague plan of how to move forward this year. I may have to totally change the plan once the year actually starts, but I have an idea to play with to get started. That helps.

    I also got the chance to do some research to potentially help out a whole bunch of people this year. There are certain departments where it is really important that the kids see the staff members' faces. So they need to wear those masks that have the clear window in the front. The problem is they fog up very quickly and easily and it makes it difficult to see the person's face. So I started looking into how to stop that. I found one solution that has a lot of promise and asked the group that has the most high-needs kids (and already has the masks) if they could try it out this weekend. 

     So school things are slowly getting worked out. I have slowly been able to start helping people out (my favorite part of my job is helping people) and now we have a 3 day weekend. Things are getting better. Slowly.

I have not been highly motivated to work on dolls, but this week I did pick away at this casual western lady. I have other dolls prepped and more clothes sewn, so I might work on another doll or two this weekend. But even with as tired as I have been I managed to finish one this week. That's something. 

    In other news, I may have found a new favorite liquid eyeliner. I have tried a ton of different brands over the years. lower end and higher end ones. My recent favorite was Morphe. It worked just as well as the Urban Decay one that I love, but it was less than half the price. This morning I was looking in a drawer and found an unused Colourpop BFF liquid liner. I have had it for months and never even tried it. So yesterday was the day. I almost didn't notice the magic. Even after wearing it all day, the line was slightly faded, but my wing was still perfect and unsmudged. I have NEVER had a liner work that well! All of them eventually seem to leak off my eye, at least at the outer corner. So I think I need to try this out again and see if it was a fluke or if this BFF eyeliner is going to stay my new BFF. 

     Anyway, this should be a good weekend. I am looking forward to the live broadcast of results for Pandemic Performance show tomorrow. And I think there is a Zoom hangout I want to attend later. The weather should be good too. I am hoping for a nice, relaxing weekend. 

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