Thursday, September 3, 2020

I’m Tired

       I am incredibly tired these days. It has been a long time since I had to get up early every day, though I am not getting up as early as I will need to in another week. I am finding that the hardest part of wearing a mask for a large part of the day is I seem to be holding my jaw in a funny way. Probably to unconsciously push it out just a bit. Or maybe my jaw has been hurting because of the near-constant tension headache I have had for about a week now. Though I have NO idea why I would be tense...

      My goal yesterday was to get just one new answer. I thought it was a nice, small, achievable goal. It would have been if the one answer I really wanted was not one of two specific answers. I DID get a lot of new information. Since Cathy said such great things about it, I went and learned Google Forms. It's pretty fun. And I have seen some neat things you can do with it. There are definitely interesting things about this very drawn out, unusual professional development time. 

     I also took some more walks around the school, following the one-way hallways, to try to figure out the most efficient way to get between my classes. The Monday/Thursday schedule is not bad. I figured out a pretty good way to do that one right away. The Tuesday/Friday scheduled has me stumped. I CAN get between the classes, but it seems like a super inefficient way to do it. I need to keep working on that one. And then practice it so it becomes second nature. 

    On one of my walks I noticed this bulletin board:

     Most specifically, I focused in on this one. Perfectly fitting in with that idea, Angelique printed me out a list of brain break activities. The only thing I have managed so far was to glance at the paper and see that one of the things is to stand up. Got it. It's a tricky time right now. I really want to try to figure out how to be a distance para, but I need 2 pieces of information to really start to figure it out. Even just one of the 2 would be a good start. But I could not find the people I needed today, who may have had the information. And it is entirely possible that at least one of the things I need to know has not been decided yet. I guess I will just keep rolling with it. Eventually the answers I need will exist. 
      In the realm of things that make me happy, I am trying to make sure that anyone I made a mask for has it properly fitted so it is comfortable. We have a lot more opportunities to take them off at the moment (there are A LOT of nearly empty rooms) but when the kids come back they will need to be on for most of the day. Which I feel means they should be comfortable. And if they are also cute that is a bonus. So I have actually spent a lot of time talking about masks and ways we can make them fit better and also be more comfortable. This is never something I thought I would become well versed in, lol.
      I have been coming home very tired all this week. I think most of it has got to be mental exhaustion. I was only actually required to do 12 hours of PD over the first 11 days of school. I think I did 20 hours in the first 5 days. I did spend bits of time talking to the teachers I will be working with, and teachers that I just like, but I have spent a lot of time staring at the Chromebook and learning tricks about all of the different things Google has to offer. There is a lot. And the cool thing is they all work together. The bad part is since I am not a teacher I have very little use for a lot of things. Back to good news, if I know how to do all the tricks I can help the kids with the tech. Someone always has a question on how to do something or add something. Now I know a lot more somethings than I did. 
     Anyway, I come home very tired and sometimes have to lay down and close my eyes for a bit of a catnap. And then I struggle to function. I know I need to keep on working on dolls. I don't have time to just stop. So I have been picking away at a batch of them. Monday I cut out some clothes. Tuesday I did laundry so no doll work. Wednesday I finally sewed some clothes. Yesterday I dremeled a bunch of dolls and got started on this casual western lady. She still needs some removable cutting chaps and a head, but I at least am making progress. I am hoping later today I have the energy to get her head and chaps done and enough leftover (energy) to make a start on another doll that is in the works. 
     I feel like my posts have been super boring the last couple of days. But I don't have much of interest to talk about. I have spent a lot of time on Google. Someone else asked (a teacher friend of mine) why I am not a teacher. I think it's lack of time. If I had just a few more hours in the day, or maybe double, I think I could add that in too. 


timaru star ii said...

Not every day can be interesting! Tired is understandable. But boring you are not. And I'd read them even if you were. :)

Cathy St Onge said...

I love hearing your teacher stories! It's so hard right now, but they're lucky to have you. You're an amazing educator -- and I selfishly appreciate that you know what I'm going through right now here in NC. Thanks for the cameo in this post. :)