Thursday, September 10, 2020

Important Work

         I have been picking away at some dolls. It is very slow going. I am very tired when I get home from school and am missing a half hour of afternoon working time since we are on a slightly different time schedule until next week. Adjusting to getting up earlier again, the mental strain, more work than I have needed to do in a day in months, all of it has combined to make me less productive with dolls. I am trying not to freak out. I know sooner or later I will adjust and I will be more alert in the afternoons. I'll be able to get more done in a day. For now I struggle a little bit.

      I did get a little bit of sewing done at least. I had an outfit for a cowboy that needed sewing and I managed to get that finished. I also got some masks adjusted, nose wires added and so on. Travis goes back to school next week and he is going to need more masks so he has enough to have some in the wash and some ready for use. Sewing, sewing, sewing...

      After I got the cowboy outfit sewn I was going to work on getting the cowboy dressed, but I realized, while searching for a head, that the body drawer needed organizing. Again. I bought a lot of stuff at the live sale KC's Galloping Gals held in August. When the stuff arrived I basically took dolls out of boxes and shoved stuff in the drawer. And it was getting hard to close. I have a lot of dolls. So I pulled everything out, sorted properly, and then neatly put everything away. 

     This really is very important work. I didn't do a count or anything, but now I know what kinds of dolls I have at least. The drawer is still full but it closes properly now. So that is something. 
     My job switched at school this week. I was given the choice of staying a 1:1 or switching to a SIP inclusion para. I decided to switch since the 1:1 kid is fully remote so I likely could not be very helpful to them. Now I can help a lot of kids and a lot of teachers. Most of the schedule is split, so the sped teacher and I are double booked each block. Now instead of the kids just not having supports part of the time they will always have either the sped teacher or me. I imagine every kid (and adult) will need as many supports as possible this year. 2020 is the strangest year ever. 
      So here is a fun story, and feel free to laugh (I did). It is a very 2020 story. I went to Dunkin Donuts at lunchtime to pick up a coffee for myself and Angelique. I went inside to order. When I came back out I was trying to open the car door so I put one of the coffees on the roof... where it promptly fell INTO the car because I totally forgot I left the sunroof open! I opened the door and grabbed the cup as it was pouring coffee all over the place. Amazingly, not much actually got on the seat, a bit, but not wild amounts. LOTS got under the seat. My car is going to smell like pumpkin spice coffee for a long time. Anyway, I went back inside and the cashier looked surprised. I said I guess I need another one since I just dumped one all over my car. She said she would just remake it for me (how sweet!) I told her what happened (it WAS funny!) and she said she has dumped and dropped more coffees than she can count. I grabbed a whole lot of napkins and the new coffee and went out to try to sop up as much as I could. But really, it is hard to wipe up under the seat. I did what I could. Thanks 2020! 

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timaru star ii said...

2020 is the year of the house smelling like skunk for me, so your car is probably an improvement.